The coolest in the neighborhood: Jack Crow


Hello once again to the coolest in the neighborhood! If in previous installments I analyzed the characters of Harry "The Dirty" Callahan, Axel Foley, or John Shaft, today I come to tell you about a fictional character totally removed from the role played by the previous ones, who were either police or private investigators. In its own way it could be said that today's pimp helps to comply with the laws, although more than the police, the natural, because Our chosen one today is dedicated to hunting vampires, and his name is … Jack Crow!

Guys, let's not make noise.

East character became famous for being the protagonist of the movie "Vampires of John Carpenter", based on the novel "Vampires" by John Steakley. I am a big movie fan of Carpenter, so I have seen Vampires a few times and I find it very entertaining and peculiar, considering that special art that distill all the films of Carpenter. Played by a James Woods in a state of grace, Jack Crow is a vampire hunter who works for the Vatican, cleaning leeches nests, as he calls them. And he is not alone in that task, since he is in charge of a team of men trained for the same mission, where Montoya, his best friend, and always a priest are among others.

What makes Jack Crow different? Well, if we limit ourselves to the aesthetic aspect, Uncle does not go during the day without his sunglasses, his cigar and his leather jacket, even if you are in the desert, and you are not unarmed, things as they are taking into account your profession. But there is much more than that, because we are at a person with great leadership capacity, able to undertake the most disgusting tasks when necessary, and do it alone despite the opposition of his subordinates and friends. The reason he became a vampire slayer is the fact that in his childhood his father was bitten by a vampire and hid it from his family, until he attacked Jack's mother and subsequently tried to attack his son, who he killed, premiering as a vampire slayer, with his own father.

Are you the vampire and want to burn me?

Well, as they say, Jack has to dance with the ugliest in the movie, a vampire named Valek, whose objective is to finish the ritual that turned him centuries ago into a vampire, and that would allow him to walk in the sunlight, thus being an unstoppable vampire. Is Jack going to back down to such a task? Far from it, especially because as seen in the movie, Jack and Valek have a strong rivalry that leads them to face several times, despite Valek's enormous power. But as I was saying, we are facing a vampire hunter who takes his work seriously and is the best at what he does, although what he does is not very pleasant (yes, these words are a clear tribute to Wolverine).

Jack is a master in the art of killing vampires, since it makes use of this ability in all situations in which these creatures of the night are confronted. Armed with your crossbow is a danger, but if you have to adapt to situations that require more direct contact, you will not hesitate to take out your gun or take a stake to stick it to any vampire that is a few inches away from him. Nor will he doubt if he has around him a person who has been bitten by a vampire, because he will take advantage of the telepathic link between him and who bit him to discover the whereabouts of his enemy. If you have to enter a huge and gloomy building where surely one is going to find a legion of vampires, Jack will have no doubt about what to do, get in there and do his job, even if he must go vampire to vampire.

If you have any problems talk to my crossbow.

If you need to know the rules to be a good vampire hunter, Jack will be one of the people who will put you on the right track with some tips that can save your life. Of course, be prepared if you are people who work as priests and you must help them in their fight with the vampires, because they can ask you from one moment to another if in the middle of any melee fight with the bloodsuckers you have become sexually happy. Be that as it may, If one day you are surrounded by vampires, Jack Crow will be one of your best allies, apart from any other character you know and would like to have on your side.

And this is all from my side, I hope you liked this section again, and if you feel like leaving a mark, do not forget to leave a comment with any question or opinion. Until another and watch out for vampires!

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