The challenge of translating a PDF file


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The challenge of translating a PDF file

When the challenge of translating one or more files in PDF format arises, it is necessary to make the decision on which method or service will be used. There are different techniques that range from directly delivering the project to a translator or professional translation agency to using a website where a team of experts takes care that the final product reaches the client in the same format and with all the characteristics of the original .

Problems presented by PDF files at the time of translation

  • The first problem with the translation of a file saved in PDF format is to keep that format in the final file with the translation. In many opportunities you lose too much time in the process.
  • Graphs, tables, figures and other images present a problem to solve when a translator must translate the text that is included in them. In general, they are recreated, which also takes additional time.
  • You need a very good knowledge of each of the programs that are going to be used to not only translate the texts, but also to create and manage graphs, figures and tables, if necessary.

Advantages of hiring a PDF translator service

Fortunately, today there is a different possibility to manage a PDF file in a translation project. This solution is found on the internet through a website (see more information at in which a new option is offered to obtain the best result. The method consists of uploading the pdf file or files on the same platform offered by the service. After this, the final result is a PDF file with the same format as the original and perfectly translated from English to Spanish. Naturally, this result is not magical, since behind the budget they prepare for the work and the final translation in PDF format, there is a team of professionals that operates in each of the stages to reach the required product.

Although the PDF format is already over thirty years old, it is still valid and its utility is indisputable. Therefore, having this new possibility (platforms with a PDF translator) is an invaluable advantage. Surely in the future new tools will emerge that Adobe will include in this format, to make it even more interactive and friendly.

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