The bright colors will be protagonists at the wedding of 2019



A few days ago we told you about wedding trends in 2019 and today we want to start the month of April talking about one of them.

The vivid colors they will be protagonists in the weddings of this year, 2019. In the last year the use of bright colors has gained strength in concrete elements of the decoration. For example, when choosing flowers or crockery, you tend to flashy colors. Leaving behind the neutral colors and the whites that the last years were more present.

What we do want to comment, that when using bright colors you should use prudence and be cautious, make use of good taste because it is very easy to fall into stridencies. Our advice is to use brush strokes of color, avoid saturation and above all, avoid mixing colors.

We leave you some ideas to capture this idea of ​​the use of bright colors with many touches of green, as another trend is to use a lot of vegetation in wedding decorations. The green color represents the nature, the beauty of the natural, to get this beauty the plant arrangements are used for the decorations of the Church and the banquet. They use many large leaves, trees, vertical gardens, foliage in suspension is the great trend that takes a couple of years succeeding and continues with great force. It is important to continue with the nature that exists outside (whether garden or a space of grass of some farm) to the interior (of the tent, for example).

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<p style= These are the ideas and notions that we leave you to use bright colors and lots of green in any event of 2019. Beware of mixtures. And in case of doubt, think of the least is more that saves many. Good Monday!

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