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We have anticipated you for Facebook a little while ago we were going to write a post About hairstyles. The truth, that we have not dedicated time to the hairstyles sector for a long time and we have also thought that we have not written about brides for a long time and today is the day we join both worlds.

Yes, there are many brides who visit the blog and write to us either to talk about trends and fashions or simplicity and practicality in their wedding hairstyles. And today we wanted to talk a little about this topic and about the trends for 2019, but we remind you that you should not always agree with the trends but choose a hairstyle that you like and favor you regardless of fashion, because you already know that Classics never die. Where is a good bun!

Before thinking about the hairstyle in a specific way, I think the first thing is to analyze the style of dress chosen and then, look for hairstyles within that style so that everything is harmonized. For example, if your dress has natural, simple, rustic airs … the hairstyle should not be "very stretched" but more natural to flow, to move, … Within the trends of 2019 could be used surf waves. With these waves You seem fixed but as if you had not tried too hard. It is the latest trend among girls in Los Angeles. But if we throw the classics, perfectly, the loose mane could be used.

Hairstyles for summer 2018 5Semi-picked for guests 7hairstyles for brides of 2018 3Hairstyles for brides. Loose hair is in fashion

Another trend of 2019 is the ultra high ponytail. This hairstyle favors a lot, since it works with all types of hair and is also the one that stylizes the most, since the facial features are lengthened. But if what you want is a more classic touch you can make a high bun.

hairstyles for brides 2018 9

A classic that never dies and that today is seen more than ever is the fringe, many celebritis wearing bangs in some event, presentation, etc. A trick to avoid having to leave bangs for months is the use of false bangs.

Hairstyles Trends for Brides 2016Hairstyles for brides with wild flowers 8girlfriends with pigtail 1

The accessories They are always a good ally to your hairstyle. Whether forks, catchers, headdresses …

This article is not only valid for brides, because the guests at a wedding should also be beautiful. Therefore, we believe that these trends of wedding hairstyles are also worth as wedding guest hairstyles. Since the guests can also be spectacular either using the trends of the current year as the classics. Last year I had the wedding of one of my best friends and I was looking for a hairstyle for months, it was more difficult to find my hairstyle than the dress, for me it was a fundamental part of my look.

Well, we have made a short selection of hairstyles Bride who are also worth as hairstyles for guests at a wedding, I hope it will serve you and look hairstyle at the upcoming events in both summer and autumn or winter.

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