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Everyone who has a Blog or website within the platform WordPress Know the importance of knowing how to correctly apply SEO guidelines to articles, so that they can position themselves well in search engines. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization) is a system through which articles, blogs and web pages are optimized to achieve a good positioning within the most important search engines. Today, search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are one of the primary sources to reach pages and blogs, so if our blog is well positioned, you will surely receive many more visits.

How do you get this? Following certain guidelines or rules to adapt to what "likes" the seeker On duty, according to your requirements. For example, if we are asked that search engines better position those articles with short titles, of no more than 60 characters, we must always ensure that our articles do not exceed that limit. The same happens with the repetition of keywords, keywords that we will use throughout the text on several occasions, to ensure that the message is transmitted clearly, and that our article has more options to appear when someone searches for those keywords in any search engine. .

That's how important it is to have a good SEO record in our WordPress blog, which is still the most popular and used platform to launch this type of web pages. WordPress It is a very intuitive platform, which anyone can easily control in just a few days of use, and with many possibilities for administrators and bloggers. One of the most interesting are its plugins, tools that will help us improve and optimize our blogs. And of course, there are a good amount of plugins related to SEO and search engine optimization, which will help us achieve a better positioning of our articles by simply filling in certain tags.

The best SEO plugins for WordPress

There are many SEO plugins for WordPress, but we are going to leave you here the best ones, because it is not good to install all, since it would slow down the load of our Blog, something totally unwanted, and also cover virtually the same needs. This is our list with the Best SEO plugins for WordPress:

All In One SEO Pack

One of the plugins most popular and used, besides being one of the best valued by users. Although some say that in recent months it has become somewhat obsolete, it is still a great tool to position our articles within the search engine criteria. Its main advantage is the simplicity with which we can configure it, use it and fill it. It hardly takes a minute to do so, and that, for any blogger, is a blessing. Outstanding for a Basic SEO, since it generates metatags and titles automatically. If we want to get into the "advanced zone" we must have deep knowledge of this subject, because it is somewhat more complicated to configure.

Scribe for WordPress

A pretty basic SEO plugin and therefore, simple, which has a few options, which we can find in most plugins of this type, to configure the title, tags, description … But if something stands out Scribe for WordPress is the option that gives us to find other bloggers and sites that may be interested in our content, in order to market it. If we want to find people who have an interest in what we write, Scribe for WordPress can be a simple and very manageable solution.

WP Total Cache

The SEO positioning It is not only based on having some keyworks in conditions or adapting the titles to what the search engine asks us, but also on making our website “attractive” for its search engine. And this can also be achieved with the WP Total Cache plugin, one of the essentials if we want to “leave beautiful” our blog for those search engines. When creating any entry, we know that there is a lot code that the search engine should review, from the article itself and its content to databases, images, other plugins … With WP Total Cache, what we will achieve is to reduce the loading time of our blog to be able to have all those extras without supposing a burden on it. It is somewhat complicated to configure and we must know the plugin very well, but once we control it it will be of great help.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Undoubtedly one of the most important and popular, surely the favorite for many WordPress blogs. WordPress SEO by Yoast has managed to position itself at the top of the SEO plugins for the blogger platform thanks to its possibilities, the large number of options It offers, its relatively simple configuration and its very light use. It combines the best of the best SEO plugins that were in the market before him to become what is nowadays the best alternative. its configuration By default it is excellent and valid for almost any user, although if we configure it more advanced we can get even more benefit. Simply indispensable, one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

SEO Ultimate

In recent times it has managed to stand out, especially among the most demanding programmers and experts, those who want to thoroughly configure each plugin. And SEO Ultimate has enough options very interesting, but it is the most complicated to make the "pointers" work correctly, and that perhaps throws many users back, preferring to opt for a plugin more easy. Even so, SEO Ultimate has many things to offer and very interesting options in terms of internal links, code, etc …

SEO Friendly Images

If you think that making a good article optimized for SEO is based on repeating the keywords three times and filling in the post tags you are very wrong. Google, for example, also gives great importance to images, and therefore, you must also be optimized for the search engine. On many occasions it is enough to put titles alluding to photography, with epigraphs that can be searched on the Web, for example, including some keyword. But not only will it be worth the title, but we must also fill in the gap Alt Title of each image, the alternative title. This can be quite tiring for the editors, so they will greatly appreciate the contribution of SEO Friendly Images, which fills in itself this gap in each image that we upload to the post, intelligently, so that the shift seeker repairs the image and , therefore, in our article.

nRelate Related Content

A plugin that is not exactly like the previous ones, since it does not focus so much on the positioning of the page, but on another function, equally useful for our site: add in the lower area of ​​the post some suggestions of other articles within our blog with a similar theme. It is one of the most used, since through this simple system we get the visitor who has entered to read a particular article to follow on the web, linking to those others similar topics articles that may interest you. In addition, the plugin is fully

Google XML Sitemaps

When we talk about improving SEO in our blog for better search engine rankings, we are really talking about Google, the one used by most people who are going to reach our blog from a search engine. So, many plugins focus directly on creating interesting options to get Google's attention, adapting to what Google looks for or "likes". In this case, Google XML Sitemap is an interesting plugin that will create site maps automatically in our blog, so that the Mountain View search engine achieves index Better our pages and articles. What do we gain with this? Become "friends" of your search engine, and put us in the top positions when certain words or keywords appear.

SEO Smart Links

The linkbuilding or building internal links is one of the most awarded features by search engines, and not only by them, but also by users, who thanks to these links will have access to other pages and articles of our blog. That way we get each person who enters can spend more time in it, which always comes in handy. With Seo Smart Links, our blog will feature many internal links, distributed intelligently with different words or keywords, to get Google to take us even more seriously. A specific linkbuilding plugin that can come great.


Although it is not technically an SEO plugin itself, Jetpack is an essential plugin for any WordPress blog, since it will help us a lot when it comes to managing it. It will provide us with data and very useful information about the most visited pages, the most used links, the time that people stay in our blog, what kind of topics are the most interesting, what terms are the ones that have brought the most visitors to the blog … analyze the situation of the blog and know how to improve it.

This is our selection of best SEO plugins for WordPress, trusting that you have been able to clarify your ideas when it comes to knowing which ones you have to install in your blog and which are unnecessary. It is important not to load all, since that does not benefit the blog, on the contrary, it would surely slow it down, and taking into account how many do the same functionsIt is not worth it either.

And finally we leave you a list of pages with more information about the best SEO plugins for WordPress, the bibliography of this post:

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