The best secrets of Campeche, beautiful Mexican destination


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Campeche is a Mexican state located in the southeast that offers us all the legacy of the Maya, natural, gastronomic options and other possibilities.

Among the Mexico states We have the possibility to enjoy with many of them, depending on what tourists are looking for. One of the most unique and special is that of Campeche, interesting for tourists looking to enjoy the past of the Mayan culture, its history, its excellent and varied cuisine, among other attractions.

It is in the southeast of Mexico and it is becoming one of the reference states of recent years, especially for couples looking to learn more about Mexico and its attractions. An important fact is that the colonial city of Campeche is recently World Heritage, something essential for its conservation.

A highly recommended visit is the Edzná archaeological zone, important since this site is where they have managed to find some 200 structures, buildings, platforms and it is certainly something to keep in mind when knowing Campeche. You can take a tour of the historical moments of the area thanks to the show that is offered to tourists called «Edzná, mirror of the Gods».


The fauna is very present in Campeche and allows us to enjoy different species like turtles, pejelagartos, different fish, iguanas, allowing the experience really very appealing. You can make tours to see the best natural places and relax in the natural environments that the state offers us.

The gastronomic variety is really wide, still with strong influence of the Spaniards. We meet the coconut shrimp or prawns, dogfish, X'Catic chili, the pibipollos which is usually made for the Day of the Dead, among many other dishes very typical of the entire state and that usually attract the attention of visitors. At the level of traditions it is also interesting to enjoy their traditional festivals as La Candelaria, La Vaquería, Festival of the Historic Center of Campeche, among other proposals.

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