The best plans for the weekend in Madrid


Spending a weekend in Madrid can be a fantastic idea to get to know the Spanish capital. There are many people who, when visiting, want to move there. It is not for less, since the offers of employment in Madrid are many. So this, together with her stately beauty, has made her the ideal city to move to.

But let's go in parts, first to discover the best way to get to know the city on a weekend. Do you come with us?

See a musical

Smiles and tears

Madrid is without a doubt the Spanish city of musicals. Our little Broadway. The best musicals, national and international, are broadcast in several sessions in Madrid day after day.

This brings a great influx of tourists who give the city that environment that characterizes it and generates not only a great source of income but a job opportunity with many opportunities to find in the Employment website from Madrid.

Stroll through the Retreat

The Spanish Central Park, this is what the locals call it. Despite being only one park, it is full of contrasts. For example, its lake with boats, the crystal palace, its picnic areas, its bridges and its statues.

Each corner with its beauty and particular essence. When you know the tranquility and relaxation that this corner gives you, you can start looking at the offers and find a job in Madrid. Madrid is very much Madrid.

A tour of its monuments

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The Cibeles and the Puerta de Alcalá are its two most characteristic monuments. Many tourists arrive, take a picture and leave. Error! Each of these treasures have secrets, legends and stories to tell in their structures. Stop to look at them, study their history and immerse yourself in the essence of the city.

Their museums

Prado Museum

Madrid also in the city of museums, although you already know that the Prado Museum is the most recognized. However, a perfect plan for the weekend is to go through each and every one of them. They are different, but they are worth it.

Your seats

Although it is called the Puerta del Sol, this place is a square, perhaps the best known because that is where the end of the year bells are given. Nearby you will find a large avenue of shops where, if you decide to move to Madrid, you may find offers in the job portal.

Christmas in Madrid

But while you think about moving or not, go to the Plaza Mayor to eat a sandwich of squid, an essential of the Spanish capital. They say that the best people eat there without any doubt. The square is always very lively thanks to the multitude of terraces.

If the weekend in Madrid gave you everything would be fantastic, if not, we're sure you'll come back, because this city falls in love. And it will continue to do so because it is in full growth as the large number of job offers in Madrid makes many go there. Will you be the next? Did you fall in love as much as that?

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