The best Latin bar of elephant and castle in London


The best Latin bar of elephant and castle in London


Elephant and castle
JOHNNY ZURI – Elephant and castle – London – planet earth – s XXI

A Latin bar, but really, in the city of London?

If it is also located in elephant and castle, it must be shared, and that is what I do. The Pool Lounge, something like The pool lounge, in the decade of the ten of the 21st century in London, of the planet Earth, the best sports bar in Elephant and Castle London. But this latin bar london is much more because There are few sports bars in this great city where you can spend good moments, dance reggaeton and enjoy the professionalism of a good DJ …

This site, The Pool Lounge, is an original sports bar where you can live all your favorite sports as if you were in the stadium, and with an open bar where you can also discover the most traditional drinks of the United Kingdom, but also the most drinks exotic of the planet. The quality of the image and the acoustics is fabulous, and the good service has made it one of my favorite places and my friends residing in London, when I get away. Take this opportunity to greet Carlos, Stephan, Lily and Marie …

Once you know The Pool Lounge and you enter, you don't leave sad there. Always with the smile that betrays who has spent a few hours "butt." Do you know that feeling? Of course! The same one you have after a night of partying in the carnivals of Cádiz, a night of ballad in Salvador or a night jarana in the streets of Fernandez City.

This bar is original, young, amazing, the best pool games, live sports live… ORA hidden jewel of the south of the city of London with a lot of billiards and a lot of American pool. Three American pool tables, and a French pool table open until midnight and a Latin celebration setting on weekends until 6 am.

A full bar with a selection of beers, cider, craft beer, wines and up to forty different spirits to enjoy while you are attentive or attentive to the deportes live on giant screens.

And the key dates?

Yes, there are special days like St. Patrick's Day, the Rio Carnival or the Mardi Grass, as well as special parties such as spring or chill out. I put some photo and video for you to be aware and aware of what we are talking about, because when you visit sport bar london you realize that while London is packed with many spectacular things, the latin nightlife, without disregarding the typically Anglo-Saxon, has as a plus, and here, in this place, you have it all in one.

Few are the bars like this, where you can find a good selection of drinks. In The Pool Lounge we also have fun and safety, exclusivity at a good price, Live Sports on the big screens, the most, because life is not to stay at home, in the hotel or in the room that you have rented by airbnb. You have to go out in search of good experiences in unforgettable places of memory like The Pool Lounge.

This site is a kind of hidden jewel of the south of the city of London. We could say without fear of being wrong, not a gram, that the Pool Lounge is the favorite club of Reggaeton lovers in South London. If you like Reggaeton dance and Latin music at its best this is the best reggaeton club in London. Remember: The Pool Lounge.

In a young environment, full of life, sexuality and emotions, with an environment that makes you feel at ease, dancing all night. Good acoustics, sensual girls, sexy guys, the latest in innovation, the most renowned reggaeton, comfort, good personal treatment, to enjoy your night, as the announcement says "because I deserve it".

If you want a little more exclusivity you can also book in groups for your plans with friends, friends or couple. I could say more and more things about how well I have had on this site every time I go to London, but I would be repeating myself too much and nothing better than the images that say they are worth a thousand words.

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