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Samaná, a natural paradise where culture and history blend with a natural landscape where whales and luxurious hotels allow you to rest and relax.

On the north coast of the Dominican Republic is located the Samana peninsula, a natural paradise where culture and history merge with impressive natural spaces. As it is an exclusive and not crowded destination, those who make the trip to Samana are involved in a dream place that keeps innumerable secrets, since it is one of the few non-crowded areas of the Caribbean region.

The most common plans usually involve the various virgin beaches of Samana, a wild nature that takes your breath away, whales and luxurious hotels where you can rest and relax during a spectacular vacation.

What makes Samaná a unique destination

Samana Porconocer 2

1. Unmastered destination

Samaná is one of those places that fall in love with the naked eye for the beauty of its landscapes. Its lush vegetation embraces the incredible virgin beaches of turquoise waters and white sand found in the area. An example is the Rincon Beach, one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world according to UNESCO and which can only be accessed on foot, on horseback or by boat, making it a dream space where peace reigns.

The various excursions on horseback travel not only the beach, but also enter through the thick vegetation offering an experience like no other. This beach is perfect for water sports such as snorkeling or windsurfing. However, Samaná also has surprising stories, such as that of the pirates and buccaneers of the Caribbean who took refuge on their beaches in search of secret places to hide the stolen treasures of the Portuguese and Spanish galleons.

Samana Galleys

2. Nature in its purest form

In this special area of ​​the Dominican Republic it is possible to carry out various activities that allow you to tune in and contemplate the wonders that it houses. If the trip to Samana coincides with the first months of the year (January 15-March 20), you will have the opportunity to glimpse at thousands of humpback whales that meet in its waters to perform one of the most spectacular mating rituals in the world.

Although this is the main activity of every visitor, the wonderful Los Haitises National Park It is a must. With a dimension of 1375 km2, this park formed about two million years ago houses an immense subtropical forest, a protected fauna and flora and numerous mangroves and caves of enormous archeological relevance. In the Sierra de Samaná, the Lemon Leap, an impressive waterfall of more than 40 meters, only accessible on foot or on horseback.

3. Lovely hotels

Despite not suffering the crowds of tourists, the Samana peninsula has several accommodations and hotels designed to offer the best services to visitors. One of them is the Grand Bahia Principe Cayacoa hotel, located in the Bay of Sanamá, in the city of Santa Bárbara. In a quiet area where you can relax comfortably, this all-inclusive hotel offers various services, such as classes and courses in various water sports. From the hotel grounds it is possible to have a privileged view of the famous Bridges of Samana in the Bay (Cayo Linares and Cayo Vigía), which are accessed through the Malecon that borders it.

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