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In this last decade we have been involved
in a new fashion, more we could consider it as a part worship
posterior of our body. The amount of information, erroneous and true,
Surgical products or alterations that exist with respect to this subject is

Sadly many times it is full
of deceptive advertising, if what you really want is a natural result and
strive to achieve, here we will leave a list with the best glute exercises to do at home, for what
get well turned buttocks without excuses and without spending large amounts
of money.

Why do exercises for the buttocks?

Although previously, in the times where
the human being was engaged in hunting, was a consequence of the conditions of
survival, nowadays it is for a matter of aesthetics. Maybe with a couple
of tight pants and thick cloth you see the rounded shape that both
you like it, but with more baggy clothes, skirts and dresses and even a bikini
reality will be a different one.

If we go to more serious issues, health
plays an important role, keep in shape the muscle group of the glutes allows you to maintain a better posture,
you get more mobility in your legs, you avoid back pain and,
thanks to the effort that stimulating exercises require, creates a huge physical resistance.

What muscles are worked on buttock exercises?

This part of the body is formed by 3 different muscles,
these fulfill a series of main functions like giving you a Greater mobility, stability in the area
Pelvic and spinal column.

Gluteus major

It is considered as the most important and
also the most visible, has a capacity of extension and greater power
than the other two. Among its most important functions is the
extension of the hips and being able to bring the legs back.

It is very functional during races,
since it controls the trunk flexion and helps to slow down the legs
when they are in movement. Without this, with the weight of your head,
you would simply fall forward while running.

Gluteus medius

It is an abductor, it is the most
physical changes it has received with evolution, it has become a muscle
quite small, but even though its extension is smaller it has a
incredible strength to be one of the most important supports of the body to the

Gluteus minor

It is clearly the smallest of the 3, by
this same power is quite reduced compared to others. Next to
gluteus medius support you when you are standing on one leg.

Best exercises for glutes at home

These exercises that we are going to explain to you
below are the most effective for increase
the size of the buttocks
, you can vary them so that the muscle does not
get used to a single routine and the best thing is that you can do it from the
comfort of your home:

Squat without weight

Stand with your back very straight,
slightly pull your butt out, it is important that you do
flexing the hip and with the back straight and not bent, the knees must
bend until they make a 90 degree angle, or where you see your thighs
They are parallel to the ground, returning to the initial position.

Gunman Squats

Perform the same squat movement but
on one leg, balancing with the other one that is
extended. Lower until you feel your hips below the knees,
knees should not exceed the height of the feet and especially the back very
straight at all times.

Squat with jump

Start by placing yourself in the squat position
and then you make a vertical jump extending the body globally.
During the jump try to stretch the whole body, when you do the bending
Knees should not exceed the height of the feet.

Reverse climber

Lie on the floor face down with the
legs well supported and arms stretched generating that the back is
find well extended. Make a small push to bring the knee to the
height of the hand on the same side and returns to the starting position.

Semi bridge

Stand on the floor on your back with a foot
leaning on it, the other leg should keep it elevated and well stretched,
begins to raise the trunk until the buttocks are completely
separated from the floor, the trunk and leg should be kept aligned. When
go down make sure to do it slowly.

Small butt routine

This exercise routine can be done
in just 30 minutes, it is simple and divided into 4 different blocks per session.

Block 1

  • Squat with jump: 40 rep
  • Investment climber: 20 rep
  • Semi bridge: 40 rrep
  • Running 4 minutes

Block 2

  • Squat with jump: 30 rep
  • Reverse climber: 15 rep
  • Semi bridge: 30 rep
  • Running 3 minutes

Block 3

  • Squat with jump: 20 rep
  • Reverse climber: 10 rep
  • Semi bridge: 20 rep
  • Running 2 minutes

Block 4

  • Squats with jump: 10 rep
  • Reverse climber: 5 rep
  • Semi bridge: 10 rep
  • Running 1 minute

Tips for doing exercises for glutes at home

  • If you want to see results
    quickly and if your physical condition allows it, substitute running for running, this is an excellent job of
  • When you are doing the
    exercises make sure work all the
    range of motion
    , this is the key to maintaining good posture
  • Add extra weight, remember that these muscles
    are able to do a lot of force, carry a greater load than the weight
    body stimulates them a lot.
  • Be careful with the technique, you must
    keep your back straight at all times and vary the stimulus you give them,
    this way you will get better results.

You can include any of these in your routine exercises for glutes that we have described, you can even create a complete routine based solely on them, the important thing is that you do them correctly, stimulate the rest of your body during the week, and let them rest at least 2 days every 2 or 3 days. If you want to consult more exercise routines, in you can find routines to work all the parts of your body.


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