The best feats and games of Pau Gasol, in the NBA and with Spain


Pau Gasol's career cannot be described in words, not even in data. Rather in sensations. Because he has been responsible for raising Spanish basketball to the top. At the individual level and at the collective level. The NBA has approached a whole generation of Spaniards and has led us to look from you to you to many American stars. Therefore, today we want to review some of the Pau Gasol's best moments, both in the NBA and with the Spanish National Team.

That we do not seek to describe Pau Gasol's career from the numbers, does not mean that these are not impressive. Rookie of the NBA, double champion of the ring and chosen 6 times in the All-star. 2 times selected as the best European player of the year and 14 medals with the Spanish National Team.

The best moments and matches of Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol's career has left indelible moments. Being the top scorer and MVP of 3 EuroBasket goes a long way. Being part of an exclusive elite in the history of basketball goes a long way. Because Pau Gasol is, among other things, one of the only 4 players that has surpassed 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds, 3,500 assists and 1,500 blocks in the NBA. The other 3: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan …

The day Pau Gasol scored 46 points in the NBA in a Bulls vs Bucks

Pau has never asked anyone for permission, he has not needed it. His talent has prevailed as many horns have been able to fall to his bearer and will prevail despite the fact that he is losing freshness over the years. Why Pau will play until he wants, without anyone going over it or the competition engulfs him as 90% of the participants of any sport worth his salt.

Many times we do not realize how far the Bulls player has come and only some of his milestones, such as those 46 points (personal record) It serves to give the world of sport the attention it deserves.

Pau Gasol broke his record points, 46, with 34 years

Pau Gasol: 46 points for 46 million thanks

Basketball is a minority sport in SpainIn reality, anyone other than football is. But if you investigate a little, you realize that Spanish NBA fans have a very large media presence. Any news related to American basketball is widely visited and commented. And it's good, of course, but sometimes it has also been very cruel.

Pau has been slapping in the United States, the connoisseurs and the less understood. But the painful thing is that the hardest sticks come from your own home. That a 15-year-old kid stays up until 5 in the morning to watch an NBA game means that it is a sport that has hooked him, because those schedules imply an extra sacrifice. That gives a wealth to all those who think outside the normal, something rich that makes their opinion should be respected.

Despite this, it is no less true that the last name Gasol has fallen out of favor for many of those fans, who in their childhood were taught to love him and have ended up hating him, partly because of the focus of the Spanish news on the figure of Catalan.It is part of the nature of man: when he discovers something new he tends to despise and even forget the old. Error. Admiring the game in capital letters of LeBron or the overwhelming ease of scoring of Durant is easy, looking at the excellent wrist of Steph Curry is also … But it is that falling on your ass before the movements to the Gasol post is just as simple. A lot of carnaza has been done on the major of the Gasol, the unfair majority. And that's fine.

Of Gasoft a respected star

The Sant Boi has been accused throughout his career of being a soft player in defense and something left in the rebounding aspect. Ok, Pau has never been a beast or a player whose gaze instilled fear in the opposite. We have all got angry at times seeing the apparent passivity of Catalan. But you know what? At the end of the game Pau had managed to end double figures without practically disheveled and there aren't many players like that. Eye, and this has been this way for more than a decade. Almost nothing.

Pau is an anomalous player. A white of a country of 47 million inhabitants triumphing in a league separated from his home by an entire ocean. In a land full of gifted physicists to choose from more than 315 million. He became a skinny forward and now nobody shadows him among the heaviest posts in the world. He landed in the United States among several noises of the day shift and will end up returning through the big door.

One of Kobe Bryant's best companions: Pau Gasol.

But not only I speak of his sporting merits, but of his tremendous ease in adapting to such diverse environments and colleagues so far from the culture that he suckled since childhood. Anyone who has emigrated ever knows how difficult it is to fully integrate into a foreign culture, manage to convert a distant universe in the yard of your house. And Pau has done it, go if he has done it, to the point that many American fans did not understand why Gasol played with Spain in the 2012 Olympic Games. He dominated and perfected the language, he approached the community of Los Angeles and Memphis and has ended up receiving awards even for his social works, something unheard of for a foreigner.

The figure of Pau Gasol, worthy of admiration

Enough of paying attention to its flaws and we praise its virtues, which are increasingly scarce in the world of basketball. It is a post with an inexhaustible amount of resources, a 80s own footwork and a devilish hand to pull 4-5 meters forged in the 21st century. And eye, measures 2 meters and 16 centimeters that moves with a scary facility.

Many have been those who have thrown the Catalan on the ground just to relax in defensive tasks or to be less aggressive. But there has not been the same intensity in criticism when Dwight Howard did not make a move to the post worth mentioning during his first five years in the league, for example. In fact, I imagine that it must sit very well that the greatest exponent to succeed you as one of the great pivots of the decade also carries your own last name.

Pau is not only great for his sporting milestones or for his healthy habits (reading, opera … etc) in a league soaked with eccentricities of all kinds, but for approaching the best league in the world until making the NBA something everyday for a Country like Spain. And not only that, but far from choosing to rest in summer as usual among the players of the best league in the world, he has chosen to cover the shirt of the team in the great majority of the great tournaments, leading an unrepeatable generation and unforgettable to harvest medals of all possible metals.

46 points and 18 rebounds, the best game of Pau Gasol in the NBA

She brings her 46 points and 18 rebounds to Pairo, record achieved with 34 years by the way. Pau is a player who has nothing to prove to anyone. When he leaves, only then, will we remember how nice it was to have someone of ours among the greatest. Meanwhile, the oldest of the Gasol will continue exhibiting his talent until he feels like it. Because, as I said at the beginning, it is one of those few players whose talent seems to survive time and only his body can play a few tricks.

Pau and Marc Gasol

When you say goodbye it will be time to dedicate a huge THANK YOU. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the last brushstrokes of one of the best athletes in our country, with its flaws, but especially with its virtues.

The day Pau shattered France in the EuroBasket Semifinals 2015

What we live yesterday will have its echo in eternity. Not for the victory itself, but also for the way to achieve it, for the background, for the rival. But mostly for a giant that last night swept an entire army of warriors. Without much (except for Pau only Sergio Rodríguez went from 7 points). It mattered little. When the time came, the giant decided that he had had enough, he had to write an episode that no basketball fan would ever forget.

Natural with two NBA champion rings, twice winner of the Eurobasket. I pray in that World Cup in Japan that changed everything and two Silver medals in the Olympic Games. That is, roughly, the history of the best Spanish player of all time. All seasoned with a World Cup MVP. But beyond the record is the commitment, the soul of a man who, despite the years, has kept his role as leader of the national team intact. Someone who has given basketball in our country almost everything he has: a hero whose worth we are only right to understand nowwhen your career is coming to an end.

For many years his indolence was thrown at him. That rebound that escapes him, that disconnection in defense, that staring at an easy basket of his peer, that help not made on time. It has always been this way, with the handbrake on, with the cool head of someone who knows himself superior to the rest. Always taller, faster, smarter. Pau Gasol was not born to please the addicts of testiculin, not one word higher than another, correct to say enough, thoughtful patient. That is Pau, that was Pau. Until yesterday.

Pau Gasol's career, small doses but with historic matches

After following Gasol's career He was convinced that his talent was served in small dosesMoreover, I was sure he was not a leader. Stagnant in Memphis, his arrival in Los Angeles was an accommodation, finally achieving the role he always wanted to have. Moderately close to the spotlights, but far enough away from burning at all. Assuming fair responsibility, close to Kobe Bryant despite receiving some sticks that would never have an answer. Not being spiteful made him win, made him enjoy and made us admire others. The first Spanish NBA champion, neither more nor less. Everything seemed normal to us, after all it never ceased to be, his talent had to take him exactly where he arrived.

Pau Gasol attacks Rudy Gobert in the Spain-France of EuroBasket 2015

Shortly before leaving Hollywood came his alleged decline. The new Pau was already far from being that four with the soul of three that ran the track from top to bottom, his body no longer allowed him that rhythm. Over the years he became more hermetic, more pivot. His intelligence led him to know where he could do more damage, hardened him to unthinkable quotas and made him improve. Yes, to improve, after thirty, when the knees of some are broken and those of others sentenced to retirement. When most of the old NBA dinosaurs are thinking about scratching their last big contract and living off what their wake left them. Nothing of that, Pau has improved his defensive fundamentals, your attention, your power of intimidation beyond those 2.15. Improve, work, play basketball.

40 points, 11 rebounds and 3 Pau Gasol caps against France

But yesterday the abundant water droplets eventually became a waterfall, the jar of essences eventually uncovered. The content, the shy one, who always dosed his talent finally gave the final exhibition. Just when he was alone, when his pack of wolves were mutilated. The leader came out, not only from Spain, but from the championship, dominating as nobody in history has dominated a Eurobasket, marking a milestone in the history of European basketball. As if he had gone out on the track without having a snack for double dinner afterwards. So he ended up getting Rudy Gobert out of the game, for silencing a gala hobby that rubbed his eyes with what he was seeing.

The French coach challenged Pau's destructive power. He raised a defense without help, relied on Gobert's physique to cancel it. An animal of that caliber against a "grandmother" of thirty-five sticks playing more than thirty minutes and an extension. Perfect plan, "That Gasol goal us 25, but that others do not write down". It almost works, until Pau decided that he would not put 25 but 30, and then, when he was thirty, he decided to go up to 40. And if his team had needed 50, he would surely have gotten them too. No problem.

The moment Gasol has arrived, this is its definitive version. The day he finally squeezed the lemon until it smashed it. An exhibition that will be remembered for a long time, a demonstration of a leader made with talent that we will miss much when he is not. Thanks Pau, thank you very much.

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