The 3 best destinations to disconnect your mind


The holidays are undoubtedly the time to disconnect, forget about the routine and avoid everyday stress. We all need to escape from the daily routine from time to time, travel to the best destinations, release stress as it is fair and necessary. The benefits of traveling is not only to achieve peace of mind, it also has many other great psychological and social benefits.

Expand your horizons, improve your tolerance for uncertainty, increase your confidence, fill yourself with education and culture, create memories for a lifetime, meet new people, etc. So that you can have the best vacation of your life, we will mention below the best destinations to disconnect your mind, relax and what you can do, visit and eat in that place. Take note!

best destinations

3 best destinations for your vacation

1.- Cuba

Cuba has always been a country that is on the list of the best destinations preferred by many tourists and now more since the recent diplomatic restoration between the United States and the Caribbean country. It is a country which has spectacularly beautiful beaches, it is also very economical.

One of the things you should know about Cuba is that travel regulations can change at any time. Despite this, you should keep in mind that it is necessary to obtain a visa for Cuba. It is a necessary procedure for all those tourists who wish to enter the country.

The best time to visit Cuba is between the middle of the months of November and March, when the weather is not so strong and hot, however, it is the most visited. Between May and June they are the wettest months, but that is when the carnival begins and the tobacco harvest begins to occur. The first thing to visit in Cuba is the beaches you can also take from there cruises, also walk through its streets.

Recall that Cuba is a very restricted country, also the food has nothing to boast, due to trade restrictions, this country lacks culinary delights. It is not recommended to drink water but only bottled.

2.- Ethiopia

Second most populous African country where they are located from violent volcanoes to bright lakes. The mixture of fascinating history, natural wonders and incredible wildlife, make and make this land one of the most interesting and intriguing places in the world.

First of all, all nationalities, except Kenya and Djibouti, need a visa for Ethiopia. It exists from the single entry visa as the multiple entry visa.

It is worth visiting this beautiful place where they house landscapes as diverse as deserts, volcanoes, highlands, architecture that goes from churches carved into the rock (Lalibela), to medieval-style castles.

One of the most interesting sites in Ethiopia is Dallol, the site considered hottest on planet earth where the annual average is 35 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature observed has been 49 degrees celcius.

As for unique foods and drinks in this place are honey wine, coffee, injera with spaghetti (fusion between Ethiopia and Italy), Kifto (raw meat, butter and spices) and Tere Siga (raw meat with special that comes with a specialized cutting ritual.

3.- New Zealand

Another of the best destinations to disconnect the mind is New Zealand, oceanic country full of extreme nature and very beautiful. If you plan to go, you can't get on the plane without first having your ETA for New Zealand.

This is a land of great contrasts and diversity, from active volcanoes, lakes with deep glaciers, green valleys, spectacular caves, long sandy beaches, snowy peaks and lots of beauty with incredible views and landscapes.

Winter occurs between the months of June and August, then spring comes between September and November to begin summer for the months of December through March. Finally autumn begins in April until June. The seasons are opposite to those of the northern hemisphere and the reality is that, for any season, it is good to go to New Zealand.

Here you can explore the Maori culture, visit the Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound both named World Heritage Sites. See the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers that are the main tourist attractions located in the highest peaks of the Southern Alps, above the ice rivers.

For the most beach, there is the Coromandel peninsula, an island to the north where you can go hiking and observe the beauty of the turquoise and bright waters, take a dip in the waters and eat the typical food such as lamb, pavlova (based on kiwis), mussels, Hangi and Feijoas.

Visit one of these three sites just mentioned and you will see that your mind will be completely disconnected from the routine and you will be in touch with nature in the most beautiful way. Good trip!

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