Techniques to awaken kundalini, Phosphenism


When we talk about techniques to awaken kundalini, it is worth talking about the work of Dr. Lefebure, who made it clear that the experiences on how to awaken kundalini are closely linked to some neurological connections in some brain areas that are stimulated thanks to the light and the rhythm.

We can say that the mental process in which an ecstasy of consciousness and transcendence occurs is generated when the true secrets of light and rhythm are known. Dr. Lefebure Methods knows how to do it with great coherence and having shown great autonomy when it comes to putting it into operation.

Take sixty years to generate kundalini experiences in
thousands of students makes us realize their great knowledge. They
awaken the kundalini energy where they generate a series of experience at a
physiological that are those that make possible the guidance of the snake from the
Muladhara chakra to the Sahasrara chakra without having to go through more places or
other distractions.

The kundalini is for some power in spiral, for others a hole or cavity. In the case of Dr. Lefebure it is a thought of rhythmic character, where kundalini energy is understood as a serpent that rolls up, hides and sleeps in the most recondite cavity.

"Gyroscopic meditation" a means for
wake up kundalini

Something important to think about character meditation
gyroscopic to awaken kundalini, you have to define well what is the
meditation. In many courses, people often ask what meditation is.

In this sense the answers tend to be intimately linked
to the most rigid spiritual and philosophical concepts. Usually more
importance to opinions on a topic that to actual knowledge itself about
said topic.

The case is that, to have an opinion about a certain
It is not a matter of knowing it. When it comes to studying philosophy, the first thing that
we learn is to define the subject we are talking about. The example of meditation
It is clear and makes it easier to see the path that has to be traveled to wake up

Meditation is not really communicating with powers
cosmic as some may imagine. Equally, it is also not to empty
inside one. Meditation is a word from the Latin meditatio, which
it means exercising.

Therefore, we can say that it does crosswords or
Mathematics is doing a meditation. On the initiatory level when talking about
meditation, the meaning has even more precision, since we seek to provoke
some physiological reactions that end up being the origin of some
phenomena at the psychic and spiritual level of the most powerful. In the domain
initiatory, meditate consists basically of performing a series of exercises of
rhythmic thinking.

Something we have to keep in mind is that all the
teachings at the primary or religious initiation level usually rest on
two bases: one is the fixed observation of a direct or indirect light source
and in the practice of rhythmic thinking for the awakening of the kundalini is not
an exception.

We can find this thought in all religions and
traditions In particular, in the Catholic religion, rhythmic thinking
manifest in prayer and the rosary. The rosary is the one that allows us to know
where we are in the famous cycle of repetition of one's prayers,
These are happening on a regular basis.

In another religion close to the Catholic as the Orthodox, the
prayer is associated with an anteroposterior swing which accompanies the
fixed observation of the flame of the candles. In the case of Phosphenism, light is also
protagonist, it is to learn to transform the luminous energy into energy

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