Technical Inspection of Buildings or ITE


Technical Inspection of Buildings or ITE

On this occasion I want to tell you about the Technical Inspection of Buildings or ITE. Yes, for making a metaphor, it is similar to the ITV of vehicles but in this case for multi-family buildings, that is, the typical Neighborhood community In addition, this inspection is mandatory for buildings with an age of 45 years, so if you are close to meeting the maximum you can already start with the procedures of the certificate. Find a competent company like ITE Sensedi and let you advise.

Since the year 2.012 the ITE It is mandatory every 10 years for real estate that exceeds 45 since its construction. They can fine you with up to 6,000 euros depending on each local corporation and have problems asking for mortgage financing or the inability to sell your home

This inspection is intended to assess whether the building meets the necessary conditions complying with all established safety requirements. It requires the presence of authorized technicians who can prove that the conditions of the building comply with the law in terms of safety, health, accessibility and ornaments, remaining in perfect condition. maintenance.

Do I have the obligation to pass the ITE?

Only under these requirements are you exempt from passing the Technical Inspection of Buildings:

  • You have started a ruin declaration file
  • If you are doing comprehensive rehabilitation and have an occupancy license. In this case you will have the obligation to pass the ITE after 45 years after the completion of the rehabilitation on the date of the final certificate of work and habitability
  • Being a single-family building with certificate of occupancy valid

Who performs the Technical Inspection of Buildings?

They are usually specialized technicians who have sufficient training guarantees to perform them, that is, architects, surveyors or building engineers who, if you pass the ITE favorably they will issue a Certificate of Suitability signed by themselves. It will also be updated in the department of the ITE, municipal website of your town hall.

Technical Inspection of Buildings

What is valued to pass the ITE?

The structure, facilities and construction visually. But do not get your hopes up, even if it is a visual inspection, the technician is a specialized worker and can see things that the rest do not see, even knowing them beforehand he will detect them. Otherwise, if it detects that the inspection is not suitable, it may "propose" a more in-depth review of the elements it deems appropriate.

ITE inspection elements

Fundamentally, the facade, building structure, roof or roof and water supply, sanitation and evacuation. Fissures, dampness, detachment or deformation of any element likely to generate a safety risk are other symptoms to consider. A fact to consider and important when selling or renting a home, the thermal behavior of the building is valued, hence the energy certificate That is now demanded of us.

Required actions in case of not passing the ITE

There are 5 required degrees of action in the event that the technician observes irregularities that must be corrected:

  • Grade 1, must be resolved so immediate in 24 hours
  • Grade 2, those that affect damage to persons or property in a manner very urgent
  • 3rd gradeserious deficiencies urgent
  • Grade 4, specific deficiencies, resolution a medium term
  • 5th grade, relative to maintenance

Now you can go to the neighborhood community meeting with a knowledge base about it and be able to review or schedule the ITE of your own building

As each Community or city council has its own regulations, it is advisable to visit the corporate website and find out if any other certificate is needed or, where appropriate, consult with an engineering company specialized in Technical Inspection of Buildings.

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