Tassels for fashion, decoration and liturgical ornament


The tassels They are one of the star products of the trimmings, especially for their use. Although it is a decorative resource with a great antiquity, it never goes out of fashion and we can find it in the world of fashion, home decoration and ornamental level.

Children of Fernández Balaguer

To illustrate this analysis, we have the experience of the family company Hijos de Fernández Balaguer, experts in trimmings and with decades in the sector.

Brlas for the fashion industry

Since fashion is constantly changing and uses any textile item, the use of tassels is more than common; what, by the way, benefits the own sector of the trimmings that feeds on the creativity of the designers to create new pieces. However, let's start with the classic ones – and a variant -, which can be seen in this image:

Fashion tassels

As can be seen, in the case of the tassel on the right, the design is not only reduced to the set of threads with a higher braid, but also you can add pendants to give you a more baroque touch, according to the dress or suit they accompany.

Also the fashion-oriented tassel admits infinity of colors, braided on the head of it and materials. The tassels can be made in cotton, polyester, plastic threads, metal and other materials.

Another of the changes that can be made in the tassels is to use several heads and several braids in them. The tassel can also be combined with the rosettes or placed on the bottom of skirts or sleeves.

And without a doubt, the most elegant tassel and the one of greater meticulousness when being created is the one that is used on the earrings, which can combine this decorative element with jewelry and costume jewelery.

Tassels for the decoration sector

They are designed in linen, combined with wood and glass, in acrylic or cotton and the number of designs and applications is vast. They can be more elegant or austere, but they always match the element they accompany. An example of tassel creativity for the decoration sector is the following:


This design combines different yarns in the same tassel, several heads and braid and materials. It is concrete example can be very useful for hotel beds or as curtain clamps to give them a noble touch.

Tassels as a liturgical ornament


Spain is a country of traditions and liturgies. It is possible that for this reason the tassel is so consumed. In the religious plane it is common to see them at the end of the belts in habits and in other religious garments. In addition, banners, paintings and other sacred decoration is also common to find large tassels.

Another sector where the tassel is very present is the military or, in general, the uniforms sector. The most common places to find the tassel are on shoulder pads and at the end of the laces that run through the jacket.

Finally, we could not forget the academic sector and the tassels attached to the mortarboards. Although they can also be used by professors, magistrates, judges and lawyers, they are especially used by students in graduations. Counting the large number of them that are held annually, the tassel sector does not seem to fade.

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