Tables for Gamers: Because the desk also matters


By Zeryu

The tables for gamers are usually absent in websites that recommend articles for gaming. I myself have talked tiredly about gamer chairs and I have even made you part of the occasion when I bought mine.

But today I come to do justice to an element that matters a lot and I have been leaving aside the desk. Because until now? Well I have decided to change my PC and honestly I would like to go a little further to add a bit more comfort to my room.

But let's get into the matter, let's analyze some good reasons to change the table and get an adequate one to play.

1. Laterality

Look at my desk is wide and for this there is no complaint however, on the right side brings some sections to put things. In fact my desk is perfect to put the tower of my pc next to the screen … but I detest it.

I have to say "It's not you, it's me", because I'm left-handed. Then these sections are right next to my dominant hand and it really is a small detail + that makes a big difference.

For this, my recommendation is to get a desk without sections. In this regard, at least in my case I would choose a table without sections like the Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus, or one whose sections can be changed sideways like the Coavas table in L that looks very nice to use in a corner.

2. Do not forget the feet

You are playing relaxed, you tilt your chair a little and decide to stretch your feet. Feel that sense of freedom while you play comfortably. You're having a good time, nothing prevents you from enjoying your gaming experience until … PUM! Your feet collide with something Oh no! Your desk has a section or a metal wall that does not let your feet pass under it and you can not even rest your feet in that section. It's a disaster, until you started losing in the game because of the discomfort you're experiencing …

Does it make you familiar? Well this is my case, an unfortunate fact that prevents me from taking my leisure moments further, so I would prefer a thousand times a desktop Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S or a Thunder X3, than a DX Racer GD1000. Simply for this aspect.

3. Design

And finally I leave the most superficial part of all. If you are going to invest in a good desk, make sure you get one that you really like. Like a good gamer chair, it should give you a pleasant feeling when you open the door of your room and look there waiting for you to spend a couple of hours of play.

Of course there are more relevant details such as the use, size, capacity of inclination and elevation, but much of this can be compensated with a chair.

However nothing can compensate that your desk does not like you, so if you are going to invest, it is something good and you really like it, okay?

If the colorful designs are your thing, I would say that the DX Racer GD1000 and even the Robas Lund are a very good option. You can also consider the Woxter Stinger Station, and I leave that to your liking.

I hope this helps you to enjoy your game moments more

I hope this article is useful for you or at least makes you think about aspects that you were not considering at all. If you have any other item to consider and wish to share, feel free to do so in the comments box.

As soon as I change my desk, I will tell you all the details. I promise you.

Thank you very much for your visit and we read in an upcoming post See you soon!

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