Sweden eliminates a favorite: Germany


Sweden hit the table after beating Germany 2-1, one of the favorites. For now, the Women's World Cup is outside France and the Teutons are added. Sweden prevailed over its nightmare: Germany.

The game started off dynamic with a header from Popp after a play prepared from the corner kick. After a Magull free kick that very well saves the archer Lindahl. At 11 ', a pass filtered between the German central and the Swedish 10 threw crossed, a good stop with the feet of the German goalkeeper.

At 15 ', Magull's goal after the error of the left side that takes advantage of Dabritz and filters the ball for Magull and broke the net to open the score. Germany with its 4-4-2 prevents it from leaving with controlled ball to Sweden since it covers the two rival contentions. Then, Sweden looks to jump lines and thus found the goal of the tie with Jakobsson at the back of the defense at minute 22 '.

Sweden managed to turn the scoreboard around. Image via: Fifa.com

Sweden managed to turn the scoreboard around. Image via: Fifa.com

Sweden maintained control of the ball at this point in the match. At 43 ', Simon left for Maier in what appeared to be an annoyance of the Teutona. Already in the second part, excellent center of Jakobsson. He nodded Rolfö and in the rejection, the attacker Blackstenius sent the ball to the back. Sweden tied the score 1-1.

Germany moved the substitute bench with the Oberdorf and Marozsan tickets for Schuller and Dallmann. Sweden was competitive in a low block and looking to kill the match on the counterattack.

At the minute 77 ', a huge individual play of Jakobsson that took off the Teutonic defender but the stop with the left hand of Schult to avoid the fall of his frame. Germany had to tie the match with a header from Oberdorf, with the arch open, but went out of goal, to 87 '.

Last Teutonic play, great overflow of Huth by right wing. And the central Hegering did not connect in a good way and was diverted to 92 '.


Germany: Schult; Doorsoun, Hegering, Simon, Gwinn; Popp, Dabritz, Dallmann, Huth; Magull and Schuller. (4-4-2)

Sweden: Lindahl; Glas, Fischer, Sembrant, Ericsson; Rubensson, Seger; Jakobsson, Asllani, Rolfö; Blackstenius. (4-2-3-1)

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