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Sustainable olive oil

I didn't want to go on vacation without telling you an interesting project that has emerged around sustainable olive oil. Is called Let's save the good oil and it is an initiative launched at the end of last year to try to give new impetus to traditional olive growers.

Then I explain everything in more detail.

Following the strategic approach of the United Nations Development Goals (SDGs), DEOLEO has developed a 2018-2025 Sustainability Plan for the Spanish olive sector. Its intention is to launch a series of collaborative practices with 96,000 families of farmers and local oil mills in pursuit of a sustainable olive oil.

Where does the sustainable olive oil initiative come from and what actions are carried out.

Traditional Spanish olive groves are in danger due to the proliferation of mechanized crops and the greater profitability of these methods compared to those used by small farmers. This is why it arises Let's save the good oil.

The initiative launched by DEOLEO seeks the production of a sustainable olive oil based on four pillars: economic, environmental, social and quality.

Sustainable olive oil

For this, the traditional olive sector is supported by promoting a sustainable production certificate. This certificate, granted by Intertek, guarantees that the product meets the sustainability criteria of the four pillars mentioned above. The first oil brand in which it has begun to implant is Carbonell.

Thanks to these pillars, traceability is guaranteed from the olive tree to the table. Thus, this traceability guarantees the protection of the environment and its natural resources, preserving biodiversity. But in turn, the fundamental pillars contribute to respect for human rights, fair labor practices and encourage the development of local communities.

The DEOLEO Sustainability Protocol deploys these fundamental pillars through several lines of work to achieve the SDGs. This Protocol always acts based on the business model of producing a sustainable olive oil. Hence, the Sustainability Plan begins by knowing the environmental and social impact to identify risks and opportunities.

Pillars of sustainability and actions.

As I said, sustainability is sought in the social, economic, environmental and oil quality fields.

The purpose is to create quality employment, economically developing the entire chain, while taking care of the environment and improving the quality of the product. And that's because there are rural areas with risk of depopulation and poor profitability of traditional olive groves. In addition, there is a growing tension with the use of water and pollution and quality standards must be raised.

Sustainable olive oil

The plan addresses these challenges by promoting local employment, training and equality with more entrepreneurship, professionalization and promotion. A series of environmental awareness and action actions are also established. In turn, communication and the definition of more stringent specifications for extra virgin olive oil will be improved.

Obviously, the group's big brands, such as Carbonell, have been the first to implement this initiative. From here, we send our support to sustainable olive oil and we will continue to monitor its evolution.

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