Sustainability in Music Festivals


More than a third of festivalgoers admit to having abandoned their tent in the festival's camping area.

But the future of the environment depends on everyone.

When you are drinking, dancing and moved by the voices of your favorite artists, the post-festival clean-up is not the first thing you think about, but the ecological issues are now being considered more by the attendees.

Awareness of the dangers of plastic and the amount of waste we produce has grown exponentially in recent years, and festivals now also actively address the challenge of sustainability.

Many have already implemented green initiatives, such as offering locally sourced foods and organic foods, rewarding those who arrive through low-carbon routes, or putting into play the efforts to "reduce, reuse, recycle."

As everyone becomes more proactive, it is important to understand the attitude of the attendees. Extensive research conducted by Ticket Master in 2019 has found that more than a third of respondents have left their tents abandoned at the end of the festival.

Tents are a complicated issue for festivals. Every year, a number of these are abandoned, often because they are cheap and easily break or get dirty.

But this can not be attributed to irresponsibility or indifference. In many cases, festival attendees mistakenly believe that their stores will be recycled after the fun of the festival ends, and by inadvertently thinking they add to the waste problem. In fact, those who think that tents are recycled at festivals are four times more likely to leave them abandoned, so it is always worth checking before abandoning your faithful battling partner.

Currently, festival attendees are increasingly concerned about the general environmental impact of this type of event. Nearly two-thirds of them said in a survey that waste reduction is a priority, and when priorities are ranked, the need for better recycling facilities tops the list, followed closely by the desire not to throw away plastics and, of course , the recycling of tents.

In line with this, Live Nation Entertainment has recently committed to new sustainability goals, which include reducing waste and eliminating single-use plastics at its festivals by 2021. This initiative will also affect approximately 20 major festivals in the UK, including Reading and Leeds, Download and Wireless.

Below is a series of data from the survey conducted by Ticket Master regarding sustainability at festivals:

How important are the following initiatives for you?

Waste reduction

Improvement of Security

Eco friendly

Greater variety of events and activities

More unique experiences

More common spaces / chill

More photography opportunities

Have You Left Your Camping Tent Ever?

  • Always: 13%
  • Sometimes: 25%
  • Never: 57%
  • I would consider it: 5%

Most Important Sustainability Initiatives

  1. Better recycling facilities
  2. No Plastics
  3. Recycling of tents.
  4. Digital tickets instead of paper.
  5. Drinking straws (for drinks)

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