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On this side of the planet begins the summer, the months of school holidays and more relaxed life, but if you live in the other hemisphere, Do not hesitate to participate in these meetings during these months.

Everyone you can participate with a current or published recipe during these first 6 months of the year. Take advantage of and remove from your recipe that recipe you have enjoyed most during this time.

How to participate ?

  • Link one recipe per week have the month .
  • Share in our community of Facebook Y google + the recipes you want.
  • We launched as a NOVELTY the challenge in instagram .
  • Always use the hastag #LomejordelVerano , #SundayTime and tag us @josefinaenitalia and my @kidsandchic. This way it will be much easier to share your recipes.
  • The events will be active during July and August.
  • Encourage them to share the recipes of their classmates as much as possible.
  • There are no votes.
  • If you still do not know what the Sunday's Time consist of, I invite you to read this file, where the way to upload the recipes to the blog is also explained.
  • Cheer up and participate with us from today July 1 to August 31 click on "add your link" and upload your great recipes.

Any doubt you have us @JosefinaenItalia and me at your disposal.

We wait for you !!

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