StubHub Reimburses $ 500,000 in Tickets for the New York Blackout


On the 13th, Saturday of 2019, the city of New York experienced a great blackout that affected 30 blocks of Manhattan and a substantial number of people.

Among those individuals were thousands of ticket holders from 27 different events, including the long-awaited concert by Jennifer Lopez, which were canceled or rescheduled as a result of the blackout.

StubHub, the ticket sales site belonging to eBay, has now issued more than $ 500,000 in refunds for customers who wanted to attend any of those events. Something important to mention is that those refunds only applied to those events that were canceled and not rescheduled – 25 of the 27 mentioned above will not be rescheduled. In those cases, the ticket holders obtained a full refund.

The shows that were rescheduled were the Jennifer Lopez concert, which took place on July 15, and the Dave Chappelle stand-up, which took place on July 21.

To all that it should be added that StubHub indicated that customers who cannot go to the new date of the J-Lo concert – after all, there is a big difference between a Saturday night, and a Monday night – they will have the possibility of reselling your tickets without having to make additional payments.

That is not a perfect solution, especially for those people who have tight schedules and have a limited time frame to make such resales. For StubHub, the measure represents a midpoint, being that the blackout was an "Act of God" that absolves the company from performing more actions.

And regarding the initial cause of the blackout, officials have said it all started with a cable that presented a problem, which failed to activate the protection system and caused a great impact on the entire system. The problem seems to have been solved, but the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, said that more changes and improvements will be made so that more problems of this kind can be prevented in the future.

Jennifer López is currently completing her fourth concert tour: It`s my party; The name is to commemorate his 50th birthday, which was July 24. The 30 show tour began in Inglewood, California, and will cover much of the United States. Additionally, there will be visits to Israel, Russia, Turkey, Spain and Egypt, and the tour will end on August 11.

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