Story to teach children the value of respect


Story to teach children the value of respect

Anita, the little rat that criticizes

Anita was a very, very smug and proud little girl who loved to make fun of other little mice.

One day, her grandmother sat next to her and watched her talk badly about anyone who approached her … Any comments that came from her were related to criticism of other people. However, Anita loved her very much and respected her grandmother.

Seeing that this situation was repeated again and again, his grandmother (a little mouse very much appreciated by all for his cordiality and kindness always) decided to propose a game to Anita.

  • Would you like to play a game with me?
  • Yes! Of course – Anita replied smiling
  • All right! We will play "what's good …?" The game consists of choosing different people at random (which you already know) and write them down in a notebook. Then we must answer 5 things that person has good or positive.

The little mouse Anita stared at her grandmother without answering because she always criticized everyone and was rude to all people, except her grandmother and her parents.

  • I have never played this game and I think I will not be able to do it – Anita replied somewhat disappointed because she did not know how to play. He lowered his head but his grandmother perceived that disappointment, then replied:
  • Come! Let's play together. I will show you how it is done. Look: the first thing we have to do is choose a person you know. Then write it down in a notebook and then you should write down 5 wonderful and unique things that person does.

Anita kept thinking she couldn't play that game so she asked her grandmother to help her a little more …

  • Let's see … mmmh, what do you think of your teacher, the hippo teacher?

Anita thought her teacher was good but she was so big that she could only criticize her size …

  • Let's go! Try it! What can you say about your teacher?
  • Mmmh … well … well – Anita tried hard not to criticize her for her size – I guess with your thick voice, you can say what you want and we can all hear it despite sitting away from it. Is that something positive grandma?
  • Yes, it is Anita! I am very happy for what you have achieved … Let's see if you can think of four other qualities of her that are positive and unique.

Anita thought and thought for a long time until she could finally complete the game.

When he finished playing he felt much better but had a question:

  • Granny, what is the use of thinking positive things about other people and writing them down in a notebook?
  • It helps you to start thinking that this person is important and that you should address it with respect and love, always highlighting the positive that that person has and not only seeing the negative aspects.

Anita thought all the time that she had criticized and been disrespectful to other people and wanted to remedy it, so she took her notebook and began to write something good of all the people she knew. Later, Anita thought it would be nice if that person knew what she thought of each one, then she began to highlight the virtues of other people.

One day, his teacher approached and said:

  • I've heard what you've done with your grandma and I want to congratulate you. No one loves their grandmother more than you do yours

Then she walked away while Anita thought happily:

  • That is what I have as positive and unique: Nobody loves his grandmother more like me!


Moral: It is always better to highlight the positive aspects of other people as this is a sign of respect and love for others. Story to teach the value of respect to children

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