Steps to Claim the Inner Power (I Am God)


We will study the thirty-three steps and give the most impressive notes.

The first is I am God, the first step of the Inner Power. Then we will see other steps.

From this giant step, Stuart Wilde speaks to us in his book of thirty-three steps. They are too powerful for those of us who are going to wake up, we recommend them.

33 Steps to Reclaim the Inner Power

33 Steps to Reclaim the Inner Power

Says Stuart Wilde. I Am God means that the true Spirit is in us, that we are one with everything, with our brothers, with nature. We have always been told that God is everywhere, then, he is in us and in each one of us, he is in me.

The purity that is that supreme being is in me, in each one of us and that is why we are said to be One. When we understand this, surely an Inner Power takes over us, we are fears and we feel safe.

First step. I am god. We are infinite

We are not here by mere chance of fate, everything has its plan, we came with a mission.

Let's look for God in us, he is also looking for us, we invite him to enter our life. If we let God enter us we will have divine power, if you do not feel it yet, you can think that it is here, in our heart, guiding us in all the steps we take.

If we see around us violence, misery, unbalanced people, lack of resources and others, that is just lack of love, if you see misfortune you have to feel it, love it, they are all your teachers. Seek God and ask him, sure he will answer you in some way.

We have to thank God for those teachers, seek strength and change of perception.

  • Let's take a remote position, let's see the situation as a dream, like a movie.
  • Let us accept that we are the ones who project what we see. It is true that when we do not become aware of it, we live like robots, but we can change from our mind.

The Evolution of Our HumanityWords of Stuart Wilde in his first step

You have been given the power. It is not anywhere else, on top of a mountain, in a building, or on a small cushion. It is here, in your heart. And you are not a little person without power or will or ability. Once the strength of God is in you, and you can accept the infinite within, your power grows. Otherwise you would have to rely only on the power of your intellect and the perceptions of the ego world, and you would have to compete with other minds and egos in the life market. A sad way to live.

  • You are the strength of God within you. Affirm it several times a day. Gave,
  • I am God's strength in me. I may not yet feel it, but while I imagine it.

Expanding your Consciousness Step 2

We continue analyzing the thirty-three steps, now let's see what we can say about step two, expanding your consciousness. This writing is based on one of the Thirty-three steps to reclaim our inner power.

We are connected with everything, with the visible and the invisible, there is no space or time, there is nothing outside, everything is in our mind.

Mental concentration techniques
It seems that we are asleep, because we have not found what we really are. Our experiences come from the senses, from our experiences and from what seems true to us.

After the daily experience there is another reality, which is the only truth.

  • Let's look for the true perception that is behind appearances.
  • After we find God and the infinite energy, we connect with the Universe.

Listen to your internal dialogue

  • -Listen to your internal dialogue and watch your thoughts. Look how many complaints and expressions of weakness arise and how much divine energy expressing hope, gratitude, love and well-being manifest. Negativity kills you, never forget it (…) Ernest Colmes said: The energy flows to the place where your mind goes.

Watch your thoughts

Step 2 Expanding your Consciousness, is one of the thirty-three steps of Stuart Wilde.

Step 3. Having The Courage To Go Beyond

Let's not get attached, we are training our mind

It is step number three that we are commenting on now, Stuart Wilde clearly tells us about Having the courage to go beyond, is to surrender to a higher power and accept that we can do everything with His help: This gives us a lot of security and efficiency, because we are moved by the same God, he does everything through us.

Have The Courage To Go Beyond

Says Stuart Wilde.

The journey from ego to spirit involves solving the paradoxes of human existence:

  • We have to accept infinity being within a mortal body.
  • We also have to believe in a God we can not see.
  • We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hate.
  • We have to see abundance when people constantly talk about lack.
  • We have to discover the freedom where control is the state religion.
  • We have to develop our self-worth while people criticize and belittle us.
  • We have to see beauty where there is ugliness
  • We have to embrace kindness and positive attitudes when we are surrounded by uncertainty.
  • We have to feel safe despite our concerns.

Let's accept God's help, let's let go of everything that we believe annoys us, let's have faith and courage.

When we have God, or rather we feel that Being that never leaves us, faith, courage take over our being and great things begin to happen.

It is about leaving the ego and finding the inner strength that we are looking for, that which is always there.

If you do not let go a little, your ego-personality will constantly block your inner power and you will lose the benefit of the subtle consciousness and extrasensory perception of what you are invested as a spiritual being that you are. Stuart Wilde.

Have The Courage To Go Beyond It is step number three.

Accept The Spirit As Your Inner Guide. Step 4

Accept The Spirit. It is continuation of what we talked about earlier, the courage to go beyond.

spirit christmas happy new year peace

Let us look for our true Self, that Inner guide that is in us, he is looking for us, surely he wants to find us.

Accept The Spirit As Your Inner Guide

With letting go of these thoughts that tie us to the past, to the illusion, we calm down our mind and that inner genius that accompanies us and directs our lives emerges.

  • We must follow what the thirty-three steps of Stuart Wilde tell us, read, study and practice the lessons, that is how we can move forward in our path. Let's be constant in our purpose.

Accept Negativity. Step 5

We all have different reactions to the events of daily life, they are due to the points of view that each of us has.

  • Let's be more aware of our reactions.
  • The negative is a consequence of something we do not like, sometimes we roll up, disappoint and even get depressed.
  • Sometimes negative thoughts come to our mind, some can not control them.
  • That is the ego that directs and hits us, shows us horrors, we feel fears.
  • For example: instead of giving pity to poor people we can change the vision for example, giving a course to learn a trade, or explaining how to improve your life.
  • Let's try not to fall into negative thinking and if we see it in our mind, we can communicate with our I and change to positive. See the power of the subconscious.

All human knowledge is influenced by weakness. Step 7

We can apply the I know nothing.

Everything is fear or love, although fear happens by appearances, when we are in this life, it is as real as we see it, we have to do many exercises and see life in a different way, from love.

Go Beyond Beliefs through which we have been taught the world. When we come into the world we begin to record experiences, everything we do and do to us, this goes to the subconscious. This is how we create that personality and destiny that we will live.

All human knowledge is influenced by weakness

When our mind is not trained, the ego invents things, some speak a lot, want to have abundance without working or without any effort, they want someone to adopt them, be it a couple, parents, children: They are people who need attention: This it can be solved by looking for help, it can be a book, a psychotherapist, a movie, a teacher.

Let's look for that good side in us, where there are no special relationships, where we do not seek to attract attention or that someone else takes charge of us.

A great idea that we can apply is to say:

These three words work miracles; for the ego loves to become the know-it-all,

  • I do not know anything and I do not care.

Wow, you'll see how tasty you feel.

Among the paths I have followed to move forward is a book that is a real therapy, and even more, a path towards awakening: It is about A Course in Miracles, there the mind is trained and it teaches us to see the world from another perspective.

Thus we will improve more, we will be more lucid and balanced, if we have prosperity, we will become more prosperous.

Another idea is to detach ourselves from what we think we need: for example, if we think we do not need a quantity of money, if we feel it and buy the necessary things strictly, the miracle will happen: That's a good tip: spend less than what we earn: Of course, remember detachment, it's not that you're going to think, as I spend less now, I'll have more.

On humility: Another idea is, do not seek praise, fame or call attention: That is part of the ego.

About the goals or objectives: You can use some affirmation that helps you:

  • I want a silver-colored car, this last year. I am prosperous, I feel the vehicle that has arrived. Surely something better happens. Thank you.

When you get up and go to bed at night, you repeat the affirmation and you thank for your life. You can make more positive affirmations, example:

  • I am part of the universal energy, I am prosperous. I have a beautiful and loving family, we live in a comfortable home. Thanks Universe.

Let's find an inventory of our talents, make affirmations and remember the magic words:

I do not know nadto. All human knowledge is influenced by weakness

Go beyond the beliefs through which the world has taught us

When we grow up, we also record phrases like:

  • You're not good for nothing
  • Do not do that, you will not succeed.

And so, the failure is recorded in our minds: But we can choose, we have the freedom to choose, to change that internal script. Your word is the law.

We can change that script imposed on us by our parents, teachers, television, Internet and others, we can choose and we can have the broadest vision of life.

Let's take power from our lives

This is point number six of the thirty-three steps: Go beyond the beliefs through which the world has taught us. You can go to Stuart Wilde to see more of this topic. Thank you.

The Masters were supernatural because the others were not

Let us invoke our teachers, God, Jesus, Buddha, the Source, the Universe: according to our beliefs: this is how the spiritual power we seek comes from, it is asleep until we call it.

The way of thinking limits us, it has always blocked us, and now more than ever, through the media, we are influenced to think and act in a certain way.

The recommendation is to find in us those dreams that we believe are never realized, let's do it, one day an angel may help us find that lost paradise.

We all have the same ability, not only the teachers are powerful, we can meditate and visualize that angel in us. We are potential geniuses: Let's experiment, let's look inside ourselves for Christ, Buddha, the Universe, the Light.

Let's seek to create miracles: find inspiration within us, there is wisdom and knowledge.

Power comes from Discipline. Step 9

Power comes from Discipline. God does not judge us, for him we are perfect; it is we who believe ourselves a body, an ego.

Who I am? What do I want in this life? What are my goals?

They are reflections that lead us to find the truth, do not forget that we do not know anything for ourselves, for our body and for our senses, seek the truth, ask God for knowledge.

Discipline plays a fundamental role in finding ourselves and with the truth. God does not judge us, for him we are perfect; it is we who believe ourselves a body, an ego.

  • Discipline is important because without it you can not control the mind. If you can not control yourself, you will be a victim of the inner spoiled child; instead of becoming a spiritual adult, you will remain, in a spiritual sense, as a teenager. Stuart Wilde.

Let's begin to dominate our impulses, to have more control of our actions.

  • Let's look for serenity: It is one of the most powerful disciplines. It is finding peace of mind.
  • Let's find order our life and everything that surrounds us. The opposite shows fear and weakness. We clean and organize our belongings, room, bathroom, home, kitchen, dishes, our body and our thoughts. Disorder is a symbol of fear and laziness.
  • Let's meditate and enter into silence
  • Not to judge is very important, later we will analyze it …

Centering the Mind. Step 10

When we learn to be centered from the mind, many things can happen: We find ourselves beyond all appearances, goodbye sorrows and sadness, depressions and insecurity.

The changes achieved with our thoughts
We focus the mind by meditation, however, there are other resources, such as: repeating mantras and one that I always recommend is following the lessons and exercises of A Course in MiraclesIn reality, there are many roads, some long and difficult.

Let's meditate, look for ways, what comes to us or what comes to mind and let's practice that we like something that we did not want before, for example:

  • If the rain bothered you, listen to the sound, walk and enjoy the droplets falling on your body.
  • Go for a walk with someone you thought you did not want, like for example, if you do not like your mother-in-law, your daughter-in-law or your son-in-law.
  • Forgive that friend or family member who borrowed money from you and never canceled it; call him, bless from your mind.
  • Do not think that what happens to you is the fault of the government, or of your teachers, of your parents: You can choose.

You will see that they are very interesting and illuminating exercises.

Let's go back to our goal: Focusing the mind

Here our purpose is to search within ourselves, in the subconscious mind. Everything has its reason inside of us.
Meditation is very simple, some have complicated it and will have their reasons, maybe trade. But it's simple:

Breathe deeply, sit quiet and wait

  • The infinite self is invisible. Any type of meditation will be fine; It does not have to be a great performance unless you really want it that way.
  • If you start to enter your spiritual home, your place of serenity, the cocktail of your brain will begin to change and will be more and more serene. The endorphins will start to shoot up, you become happier, the serotonin level changes, and the calmness descends on you. Suddenly you start to become a restful person, changing the psychological nature of your brain. Stuart Wilde

Charles Haanel also teaches us to meditate on his Master Key System, which we have talked about so much on this page. Centering the Mind. Thank you.

Your Word is Law

We have to keep our word, that is a rule and very important, we are firm in our promises and we are going to make them a reality.

Stuart Wilde says in the step number twelve of the Thirty-three steps to reclaim our inner power what:

It is important establish your word as law for yourself and for others, because that is in itself a statement that you are developing your authority over the ego without stopping. If you tell yourself that you will do something, do it.
Keep the expression as a Truth

And when we start something, we must finish it, because the mind gets used to success, if we do not fulfill it, what we sow is failure.

  • Before promising something, you have to think it over, to be able to fulfill it, if you're not going to keep it, do not promise it.
  • Before starting a project, you also have to be sure to finish it.
  • Let's not make promises that we will not keep.
  • Do not put on diets that you will not fulfill, if you intend to do the exercises, do them.

Thus, fulfilling goals and promises, respecting the word, we develop power.

Some do not give importance, my father-in-law says that in his time there were businesses that did not have papers, debts were incurred without proof and people had a word: that's wonderful, let's follow this example to see if we return to that world that existed, where there was security in business, in banks and in everything: That is a power, we can see why the world progressed in that era.

My word is Law

Always remember it.

With that idea, we grow mentally and we can improve our physical conditions and prosperity.

Let us have faith in everything we undertake and in ourselves, what we see as problems are opportunities, maybe it even leads us to inspiration, the solution can be a wonderful invention that will make us very happy and abundant.

  • I feel prosperous and abundant.
  • I see beautiful life.
  • I have a word
  • I fulfill what I propose.

prosperity blessing

Step 13. Acceptance

The acceptation. After having gone through steps such as: Accepting negativity, having courage, expanding your conscience, discipline, centering your mind, having a word in everything, we move on to acceptance, beyond conforming ourselves to what life holds, the illusion or as we call him.

God is the light in which I see, says A Course in Miracles in one of its lessons, with the purpose that we reach the I Infinity, and be proactive, and see life as it really is, the earth as something wonderful where we do not need material things to be happy because it is a matter of decision, we can have happiness right now, in fact, we already have it, we just have to take awareness.

What gives us peace and happiness is our perception, the way we see everything, when we begin to accept things as they are and also to ourselves, we can enjoy peace and we evolve towards the light.

  • When we stop fighting and accept what is as it is, we become free.

Things or circumstances do not have to change, you just have to accept them.

After the acceptation we will talk about not judging to finish accepting everything …

The initiate

This is step 33 of Stuart Wilde to claim our power, to meet with the unique reality, that we are and before we had not understood.

We will try to explain the energy of the initiate, for many it is not easy to understand, it is something that is in the present and at the same time it is not. It simply is.

What we see is not our reality, we always think, or we believe that we think according to the experience, the experiences, the mind deceives us, shows us something that is not here.-

We find energies that we can not see.

The 33 energies of man are 33 energies that form an energy, a total energy.

Stuart Wilde says that to see these energies we see in our mind 33 threads woven forming a rope.


The 33 energies are part of our evolution. They are the way out and the highway within this evolution. They have been here since the beginning of time; They will be here beyond the end of time because they are infinite.

As I worked on myself for years and went through the processes that have been described in this book, the inner door opened for me.

I began to understand what is really happening here.

Create Miracles

Create Miracles is based on the book Miracles of Stuart Wilde. a work that we recommend to all those who seek to improve their existence and transcend should read.

Stuart Wilde says that Create miracles is our lives is not more complicated than understanding the metaphysics of the Universal Law. And since this law is indestructible and therefore infinite, we know that the power that miracle workers used in the past is still accessible today.

Nowadays, in a formal education and a society that almost tells us what we have to do, they tell us that we only believe in what has an explanation, that if there is no proof that supports it, it is not real.

Let's look for information and study the universal laws, there we will find explanations to the existing power source of everything there is. We can all enjoy the divine source and we can achieve miracles, and see them where before we could not grasp them.

We will continue with the theme of Create Miracles according to Stuart Wilde, we leave a comment if you are interested in continuing to receive this information.

Source of information

Stuart Wilde: Milagros Book of Stuart Wilde.

Comments received

What is increased sensitivity? Is it to be very fragile?

Yes, Osiris, we read to you. Thanks for your reflection.
If you read the chapter – step three – of the book, you will find answers that in spirituality can vary depending on the level at which you find yourself.

It is a very complex case to be able to understand, you have to have a clean soul, I think.

Today I understood that the main point that we should have clear is TRUST, is to believe in what we want to achieve, is to feel that we already have it in our hands as we had wished, as we had dreamed, no matter what the path to take to achieve it simply letting ourselves be carried away by that infinite trust, always being clear that IF we are going to achieve it, that IF we are going to reach it as we imagine it, we have within us that infinite power, which attracts everything we need in the Just and timely moment will be given every occasion or situation that will bring us closer to what we want to achieve, without forcing any situation, because everything will be given alone … Adys

May the spirit of Christmas fill you with life and happiness, to you and all those around you.

Hello Georgina,
In this web you will find information that can help you, search the main page and there you will find different topics that we are dealing with here, what is valuable is the group that is always here participating with your comments, testimonies, etc.
Thanks Geo for your participation and welcome.

Zulia Angelica Martinez
Hello, nice day, it is important the preparation of the human being towards self recognition and self-realization, the universe lives in me because I AM part of Him, but I must do the journey preparing myself in the 33 steps, thanks

Thanks Gabriela for your valuable comments.

Gabriela Chávez
Dear Writer:
Freeing ourselves from the bonds of the past, leads us to a life renewed and free of the weight we have thrown behind us Congratulations! for sweetening our lives with their knowledge.
Receive a big hug.

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