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exercise apps

The busy life we ​​live today makes it impossible for us to do everything we want. Time or even the laziness factor intervene and limit our chances of going out or getting distracted. This often causes us some helplessness, because we usually want the day to have more than 24 hours.

However, there are certain activities that we can do from home and that make things easier for us. One of them is exercise. In recent years, the trend fitness It has spread throughout the world, as well as programs, memberships, promotions, etc. They offer gyms.

Of course, Mexico is no exception. According to TECHBOOK specialist Alejandra Flores, our country has grown exponentially in regards to the number of gyms and subscribers. “In the last five years the industry fitness it has grown 20%, motivated, among other things, by the culture of the healthy, which has had a great impact in all areas, ”he says.

However, there is still a pending task. The results also show that 60% of new users leave the gym after three or four months after enrolling. Surely, we all know someone who is excited for their first day of routine and then does not go back in a long time. It is common today.

Just as gymnasium enrollments have increased, exercising at home has also had an important reception. Indeed, the youtubers They provide advice on how to do sports activity at home. For those who do not like the gym or have little time is an attractive alternative. Although we do not have the tools that a gym has, there are simple activities that will make us feel better.

Also, today we can find a wide variety of applications designed to keep track of our physical activity, as well as an exercise guide to follow to keep fit. It's like having a guide on our phone. Below we present a list of the most popular.

1. The app called 7 minutes

It is ideal for those who have the time adjusted to exercise. How does it work? The app establishes 30-second routines with a 10-second break between the two series. Each day will record how our evolution is going and we can program it ourselves to remind us of the time to exercise. We also have several categories, so if we want to focus on legs, buttocks or cardio we should only look for these sections.

2. 30 day challenge

We have three categories: whole body, abs and buttocks. As the name implies, it is a challenge to exercise for 30 days. It has three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced, so that it gives us the opportunity to configure the level of demand we want. As if that were not enough, the app shows videos of how to perform each exercise correctly.

3. Sworkit coach

This application has two versions, free and paid. It has been differentiated from the rest because it has low impact exercises for the elderly. However, to access all its functions we must pay a monthly or annual subscription. Its main categories are: strength, aerobics, stretching and yoga.

Of course, it is not the only applications available. New applications with different features and functions appear in the Play Store and in the App Store from time to time. It is up to us to test them and decide if they fit our needs. Technology is a tool that should help us to exercise properly, without too many risks and at our own pace.

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