Spotify Will Offer a Free Trial Period in 3 Month Spotify Premium


Now you can try Spotify Premium for three months instead of one, giving you more opportunity to enjoy the service and decide if it is what you really want to acquire.

This is the new trial period that Spotify has decided to enable, and in principle it is not an offer, but a permanent decision.

"At the beginning of August 22, eligible users will receive the first three months with us for free when they join the Spotify Premium plan”Said the company.

“You will unlock a whole world of music – no matter when you register, in winter, spring, summer or fall"

The new trial period is available for individual and student plans, and according to the Engadget media it is reported that subscription prices will be maintained in the same way once the period ends. 9 US dollars, pounds or 11 Australian dollars. The Duo and Family plans will get the trial period much earlier.

It is no coincidence that this new trial period is very similar to that offered by Apple Music; It seems rather something to attract listeners and overcome their rival.

The competition between the two music streaming services has intensified in recent months, with Apple requesting exclusive podcasts to make its content more attractive, Spotify signing an agreement with EE that means that music streaming will not count on the use of user data, and with Amazon making Amazon Music usable through the Echo speakers for free.

This rivalry is something new for consumers, and it is worth noting what each of the suppliers has to offer.

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