Spotify vs Spotify Lite: Which is the Best?


Undoubtedly, Spotify is one of the best applications that exists today to listen to music. Now, due to the great demand that it has, it has taken to the market Your new Lite version.

So if you are thinking about getting Spotify service this article is for you. You can know what the true differences between the two applications are. So you will download the best of the two or the one that suits what you want.

Which Spotify has the best interface?

At this point you have nothing to worry about, the interface is practically the same in both applications so there's nothing to be afraid of. The most outstanding thing is that Spotify Lite does not have the Library but everything else is the same.

In the Lite version there are no Podcasts

If you are a lover of podcasts then this point may be critical for you because the Lite version does not have them available.

Another remarkable aspect is that you can not download your favorite music either and logically, you can not play them without an Internet connection.

What you can do is create your playlists without any problem and you will have access to them as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Saving data is Lite's strong point

If you want save all possible data then Spotify Lite is for you. You can configure the audio quality while you listen to your music so you do not consume so much Internet.

Likewise, you will have the possibility of set a limit per month so you do not spend your mobile data sooner than expected, which is quite a success.

Which of the two should I download?

Everything depends on what you want, if you do not have such a powerful smartphone or you want to save data as it happens then go for Spotify Lite, it's your thing.

Now if you want have access to all functions of the app no ​​matter what else, download Spotify and you'll have a great time.

Or you can also see other streaming music apps that you may like.

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