Spotify Uses Instagram AR Effects to Promote a New Rap Album


To mark the new release of Headie One, Instagram users can put the transparent mask that appears on the album cover on their own face, and also a tattoo on their chest. Now, Spotify released its first camera effect for Instagram to release rapper Headie One's new album.

It's about a augmented reality effect, created by the marketing technology agency Byte.


The effects reflect the artwork of Music x Road, but then Spotify considered it necessary to also include its own logo in the effect. However, it was discovered that the logo disappears if you do not wear simple and bright clothes.

The work was made possible by the Instagram beta version of Facebook Spark AR Studio, which will be available for brands from August 2019. All this allows companies to create camera effects within Instagram.

Spotify's profile on Instagram is designed to promote the connection between fans and artists, and is launching this brand effect to promote an artist of one of their priority genres.

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Fraser Stapleton, UK social marketing manager for Spotify, said: “We are always looking for new ways to realize the visions of our artists, and we feel that these new Instagram effect features would be a great opportunity to achieve this.".

The music streaming platform, which offers a premium service without advertising, as well as Spotify Free with advertising funds, yesterday launched an exercise playlist with the Anheuser Busch InBev brand.

Spotify is also interested in capitalizing on the burgeoning podcast market and is analyzing the possibility of creating a button to “create a podcast,” which would allow users to record, edit and publish their programs within the application. Making podcasts even easier to create could be a great attraction for marketers who want to try to launch brand podcasts, or podcast ads, at lower cost and risk.

Byte, an independent agency founded in 2014, specializes in chatbots, as well as AR lenses and creative content. Other customers include Nike, Just Eat and Google.

Louis Persent, creative director of Byte, added: “Having worked on AR experiences with our clients for more than a year, we have expected Instagram to open its effects to brands. We are always looking for new ways for Spotify to get involved with music fans, and this was an unmissable opportunity to create a more immersive experience that aligned with the vision of a key artist. ”


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