SPORTS PHYSIOTHERAPY and its main benefits


Sports physiotherapy is part of the basic needs for professional athletes, since it is about the physical work related to prevent injuries and restore optimal functioning in case of illness or shock. It is divided into three slopes, connected to each other, but each one focused on the different phases of the physical effort we make with our body when practicing a sport.

The treatment of injuries, which can be caused by muscle overloads or contractures to inflammation of tendons, sprains or breaks in the muscle fiber, among others. The post-operative rehabilitation, after a surgical operation the organism requires a series of treatments and specific exercises to gradually recover its mobility and habitual tonicity. And the prevention of sports injuries, understanding this work of physiotherapists as one of the most important at a sporting level since it allows to maintain the body always in the best conditions and to reduce to the minimum possible injuries that are a risk always present in sports practice , and in the professional even more.

Sports physiotherapy

When we talk about sports physiotherapy we refer to a specialty specifically oriented to the treatment of injuries and physical pathologies that can be triggered by the practice of gymnastics or any sport discipline. Having many different types of sports, sports physiotherapy focuses on specific treatments and exercises to recover and prevent injuries caused by each discipline in particular.

Runners, for example, tend to develop plantar fasciitis or muscle overload; In the case of tennis players it is usual to treat tendonitis in the shoulders, wrists or elbows; while in the case of those who practice skiing, very repeated injuries are ankle or knee sprains, or dislocations.

In sports physiotherapy they are used different techniques for the treatment of injuries, always starting from a correct diagnosis that allows knowing the initial state of the organism to advance step by step in the recovery procedure. The severity of the injury also influences the type of treatment and the level of exigency that the different exercises will have. Each patient is different and there may be important variations in the recovery time and the intensity of the exercises necessary to recover 100% the mobility and strength of the muscles and tendons.

In addition to the traditional techniques of physiotherapy, professional sports physiotherapists also work with alternative treatments ranging from the use of infrared to manual kneading or electrotherapy for muscles.
The sports massage is a punctual variant of the classic relaxing massages but focuses its attention on the recovery of muscle mass after an injury or surgical operation. It is also common to use muscle bandages, also known by its English name: kinesiotaping. The first level athletes tend to use this type of bandage that helps them in recovery while allowing them to return to training routines in less time, always with the care and follow-up of a professional specialized in sports physiotherapy.

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