Spelled, properties and contraindications of this cereal


What is spelled?

Spelled, also known as spelled wheat, major scale or major spelled, is a wheat-like cereal that easily adapts to cold and humid climates.

It is one of the oldest cereals that have been discovered, used in ancient times in regions such as Mesopotamia, the Caucasus and the Balkans.

It is estimated that their employment has been done since time immemorial. Also in the Iberian Peninsula, where remains of this cereal were found in Neolithic excavations.

It is known that in the middle ages it was a highly valued cereal, and the wealthier classes consumed it, while the poor fed on other wheat variants.

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spelled properties

Does spelled bread get fat?

Something to highlight among the properties of spelled nutritionally is that It contains much less calories than white wheat flour. Therefore, the use of spelled flour in bread makes you much less fat than common refined wheat flour.

Does spelled have gluten?

There is a myth about the properties of spelled and gluten. Yes, spelled contains gluten. It is important to know, since people who can not eat this nutrient, such as celiacs, can not consume spelled.

Spelled contains gluten and is on the list of banned foods for coeliacs, but it is not the same in the case of wheat or gluten intolerant that can consume moderate amounts of this cereal.

The same goes for people who cannot consume normal wheat due to some type of allergy. They can consume this cereal without problems.

what is the spelled

Pesticide resistant

Despite being one of the most used cereals historically, during the nineteenth century its use declined to be a cereal harder to grind than wheat, and therefore more expensive.

But in recent years, all the resurgence of this cereal and its cultivation is due, in addition to the benefits and the rise of healthy eating, because being a crop very resistant to strong climates, it is also a pest.

In organic crops, this type of food is a blessing, since it is not necessary to use pesticides or fungicides to avoid pests or diseases. Another point in favor of this superfood.

How can spelled be consumed

There are many ways in which you can consume spelled. In recent years there has been an explosion of products based on this cereal, and therefore in addition to flour there are a lot of by-products that can be obtained relatively easily in stores specializing in natural health, diet and healthy eating:

  • spelled cookies
  • spelled cake
  • whole grain spelled bread
  • spelled flakes
  • spelled paste
  • spelled muffins
spelled gluten

Contraindications of spelled

Spelled, although it is low in gluten unlike wheat, but it contains it. Therefore, as we said before It is not a food suitable for coeliacs but for people with a moderate gluten intolerance or some type of wheat allergy.

People with digestive problems such as irritable bowel should consult about the consumption of this cereal with their doctor.

Spelled consumption has sometimes caused severe headaches or migraines.

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