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Each season sets trends and summer does not escape that pattern, with the arrival of the summer season and the warmth of the sun's rays, goodbye to coats, hats and long sleeves to welcome light clothing, colorful and with less centimeters of fabric.

Therefore, you have to take care of the hair and the body so that they look beautiful and healthy. Fortunately, there are multiple councils and specialized centers that provide the best care to be in tune with the happiest time of the year.

Smooth and radiant hair during the summer

Hair is not an accessory like a handbag or swimsuit, the hair is part of the physical aspect that distinguishes and enhances the beauty of the woman. In this sense, almost all women use the hair dryers to smooth, shine or get the perfect hairstyle. But With the arrival of summer, special care is required to avoid mistreatment which is accentuated by being exposed to the sun's rays.

Recommendations for the use of hair dryers during the summer

  • Using the dryer to a touch-friendly temperature and avoid the maximum temperature at all costs.
  • Before using the dryer, wait 15 minutes. During this period it is recommended to wrap the hair with a towel.
  • Use a special nozzle to intensify the air, because it is not about the temperature, but about the power of the air.
  • Place the dryer 20 cm away from the hair.
  • Have patience and divide and dry each strand of hair with a special brush.
  • Use sunscreen creams and tonics.

Smooth and silky skin

Parties on the beach, honeymoon or excursions during the summer, are just some of the moments when the skin should look beautiful and without hair that can give an unfeminine appearance. With the waxing with Wax You can show off at every height, especially during the summer when you wear clothes that leave the bikini area, underarms and legs visible.

Depilation with wax, thread or laser, ensures a smooth, uniform and beautiful appearance throughout the skin. Regardless of the method to choose, we must try to choose qualified professionals to make the experience as painless as possible.

The aesthetic centers must also ensure a complete environment with the best cleanliness, relaxation and comfort for customers.

The aesthetic care experts

Aesthetic medicine is very fashionable, so a aesthetic clinic in Valencia integrated by the best specialists helps to carry out successful facial and body treatments.

The cover letter is the face, hence it is necessary to ensure your health. A smooth, luminous and wrinkle-free appearance is not difficult at all with the best facial treatments in the hands of specialized dermatologists in novel techniques and natural products.

The body must not be forgotten either. A good body treatment allows you to say goodbye to cellulite and flaccidity. And if accompanied with exercises and a healthy diet, you can reduce volume or size.

Physical well-being is extremely important in this 21st century, but it must be left to expert hands that can diagnose the least invasive treatments, but also the most avant-garde for all body types.

Perfumes and fragrances for every day

Although there is a predominance in the care of the image over personal appearance, the aroma has the same importance. In this sense there is a great diversity of perfume reviews, whether they are floral, vibrant or refreshing, depending on their composition, they will leave a very pleasant impression and wake wherever you go, hence the importance of knowing about it, beyond the fragrance.

Classification of perfumes

  • Elixir: in this modality, the concentration of the fragrance is very intense, so it is a rare presentation.
  • Fragrance: it is the traditional modality. It has a concentration of 20%, which is why it is the most recommended for a prolonged aroma. It is followed by parfum water (16% and 18% of the aroma), which is recommended to be used during summer nights to minimize the sensation of heat.
  • Meanwhile he agua de toilette and the cologne water It has a much lower concentration. In the first it varies between 8% and 15%, while in the second it is much smaller, between 6% and 8%, for this reason it is suggested to apply both options frequently to preserve the aroma.

Body, face and aroma will be the best letter of introduction to welcome summer and make it unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable.

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