SMEs for Dummies, a book for entrepreneurs


SMEs for Dummies, a book for entrepreneurs who want to start a businessYou would love it set up a company and have your own business?

If so, it will be important that you analyze a multitude of aspects and that you resort to a large number of books for entrepreneurs.

That's why today we want to talk to you about SMEs for Dummies, a perfect work for men and women who want to give life to a company and become their own bosses.

Through the pages of this book to entrepreneurs You will find a complete guide that will give you the keys to launch your dream project and make it become a very successful proposal.

But before you do not forget that through this blog you can also get a dossier of profitable and low investment business ideas.

ORn book for entrepreneurs where you will find all the keys and tools to start a company

The book SMEs for Dummies makes available to entrepreneur a guide that collects the keys and tools to:

  • Master business and marketing strategies.
  • Manage the work team.
  • Establish lasting relationships with customers.
  • Know the taxes and procedures to perform.
  • Plan the fiscal calendar.
  • Find sources of financing.
  • Give with partners.
  • Design a business plan.
  • Know how to attract and retain customers.

SMEs for Dummies it becomes, therefore, a book for entrepreneurs You can not miss on the shelf of people who have set out to set up a company.

SMEs for Dummies, a book for entrepreneurs who want to start a business

And even more if we take into account that, of the more than 3,300,000 companies that exist today in Spain, 99.88% are SMEs and that, so far in 2017, they have already been launched 400 entities a day.

It should also be noted that an entrepreneur must know many aspects related to his business, such as sales, accounting, production, human resources, laws, taxation, etc.

The manual SMEs for Dummies It addresses all these aspects and makes available to the reader all the keys to know them perfectly.

After the creation of SMEs for Dummies we found Roberto González Fontenla, a professional with more than 25 years of experience in the business consulting sector, especially SMEs and freelancers.

It's about a entrepreneur He has also become the founder of the Vigo Young Entrepreneurs Association (AJE Vigo) and has set up a total of two companies.

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