Small Tattoo Ideas for Men 2019 • Small Tattoos


In the design of tattoos, trends and trends are also followed, as it has an important graphic basis (illustration styles, colors, typography …) that changes over the years, although there are some classic styles that always remain. It is clear that it is best to choose a timeless tattoo, so we recommend those small tattoos simple and minimalist for mens that are seeing a lot in this 2019 and that will hardly go out of style.


Small tattoos man 2019 words

Among the trends of Tattoos for Men in this 2019 are the tattoos of words with a very simple typography, may have auctions or serifs, but small, since a type of lletra is hardly old fashioned like this one with short words full of meaning, such as "alive" or "alive".


Small tattoos man 2019 lines

In recent years these tattoos of one or several straight lines on arms, legs or any other part of the body have also been seen a lot. Being such minimalist tattoos, they are unlikely to go out of style. They really look great.


Small tattoos man 2019 landscapes round frame 2

Small tattoos of p are also a trendisolates framed in a small circle, which acts as a frame, and they are perfect. In this case, we see a wave of Japanese style tattooed with dots.

Small tattoos man 2019 landscapes round frame

This other landscape of a highway lost between mountains follows the design of the previous one, with dotwork or pointillism, also framed in a circle. It is a wonder.


Small tattoos for men 2019 skulls

The memento mori And skulls never go out of style. Skulls are an element that has been tattooed for more than a hundred years, therefore, it is proven that they do not go out of style. We recommend, yes, a realistic and refined style, like this one in the picture.


Small tattoos man 2019 elephant

There are eternal elements, and one of them is animals, especially if you choose your power animal To tattoo you We advise you to choose a simple style, but full of nuances, which give it an appearance between artistic and realistic, as we see in the elephant above or in the lion that we see here below.

Small tattoos man 2019 lion


Small tattoos man 2019 arrows

Arrows, like skulls, are symbols that have been tattooing for many years, since the time of the sailor tattoos and it is pure old school. However, the drawing style changes and now the very minimalist arrows, simple lines with triangles and crosses, as we see in the image.


Small tattoos man 2019 cactus

Cacti are also very fashionable and, if a simple tattoo style is chosen, for example, a continuous line that reviews the outline or silhouette of this desert plant, the result is very cool and can continue to be so for many years.


Small tattoos man 2019 triangles

Small geometric designs have been in vogue for a few years, especially those that have triangles. This one, with a circle and two lined triangles, is simply perfect.


Small tattoos man 2019 pine

Nature is always welcome, and in tattoos too. Although the classic are the tataujes of roses, this year they have seen quite small pine tattoos and fir trees that are delightful.

We hope you liked these small tattoos for men that are trending this 2019 and that we believe they will continue to be so many more years for their simplicity and beauty.

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