Sleeping well helps control weight


It is well known that adequate rest has multiple benefits for people's health, for something it is a biological necessity of our body. But there is a little explored benefit of a good night's sleep, and that is the ability to help us control the weight.

Sleep diet? Several studies confirm that it is possible to maintain a healthy weight and even lose a few pounds, just sleeping well. Scientists of the University of Michigan They established a direct relationship between sleep and metabolism, stating that sleeping an extra hour each day could lose up to 7 kilos per year.

Adequate rest does not imply sedentary lifestyle.

It is not about leading a sedentary life, but about sleeping the right amount of hours according to our daily needs.

Lola GarcĂ­a, center nutrition expert Sha wellness, indicates that "A short rest period has been linked to an increase in BMI (Body Mass Index)", that is, the short duration of sleep cycles could be linked to weight gain.

Adequate rest does not imply sedentary lifestyle.

The number of hours a person sleeps has an influence on their metabolism, mainly because the longer they stay awake, the more likely they are to experience anxiety and eat food.

In addition, sleep affects the levels of some hormones linked to our eating behavior. The ghrelin It is a hormone that stimulates appetite and, in the absence of sleep, its levels increase and decrease the leptin, which is responsible for sending the satiety signal to the brain.

We see then, the close relationship that exists between sleep hours and human metabolism.

Finally, when the brain is deprived of sleep, it has a greater difficulty in making correct decisions, altering the rewards system and driving it to look for things that can make it feel better: food, drinks and sweet foods.

What are the recommendations to get adequate rest?

Established the relationship between sleep hours and the functioning of human metabolismWe can understand why it becomes so necessary to ensure a daily rest that is optimal.

Sleep well and weight control

Not only is the amount of sleep hours important, but the quality of it. Thus, it becomes essential to have an adequate environment for rest.

A room free of uncomfortable noises and having a memory mattress that distributes the weight of the body correctly, relieves pressure at strategic points and transfers movement so as not to wake up at night is essential.

But adequate rest that helps control weight, goes beyond knowing which mattress to buy. It involves joining a set of elements that include a healthy diet, constant hydration, frequent physical exercise, avoiding substances such as nicotine, caffeine and alcohol that alter sleep cycles, and establishing a rest routine that involves sleeping and waking up daily. At the same hour.

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