Singer Sewing Machines: a classic


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There are brands that last for many years, which are directly associated with products. In today's article we are going to talk about sewing machines of the Singer brand, the oldest and most recognized brand in the sector. We are going to talk about sewing machines, their origin and evolution.

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When I see the Singer brand I remember the sewing machine that my mother always had in her sewing workshop at home. It is very rare not to see a Singer brand machine in a sewing shop.

If we go to Google we can check in your search statistics for the phrase "sewing machines singer "has a total of 8,100 searches monthly and the phrase "old singer sewing machines" has a total of 2,400 searches. As can be seen, it has a high level of demand given the specificity of the product.

Of all the brands that exist in the market, the sewing machines singer with the best known and sought by users.

You can get sewing machines of the Singer brand from 110 euros and up. It all depends on your sewing needs.

History of Singer brand sewing machines

The Singer brand is like the equivalent of the Ford brand of cars. They were among the first to manufacture them in series. They are the creators of different patents in the sector of sewing machines.

According to the consulted sources, the first Singer machines were manufactured in the year 1850. More than 150 years of history.

The most wanted Singer sewing machines

Analyzing searches in the Amazon store, we have researched and identified these categories or models as the most sought after:

  • Automatic Singer sewing machine
  • Industrial sewing machine: they tend to have larger dimensions and are faster than domestic ones.
  • Old Singer sewing machine (ideal for vintage decoration of your home)
  • Sewing machine Singer Brillance
  • Sewing machine Singer Overlock
  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 Touch
  • Singer Quantum Stylist 9980

DWhere to buy old sewing machines?

Buying a Sewing Machine is an important investment. The good thing is that if we buy one of the Singer brand we are sure to take a sewing machine of high quality and durability.

As usual in our blog we recommend visiting online stores or ecommerce with this product. And of all the stores we recommend walking through Amazon, which today has a large and specialized catalog of sewing machines of the Singer brand.

Within Amazon you can get the most sought after models of Singer and also models with touches and retro or vintage decoration.

An advantageous element of buying in online stores like Amazon is that we can see the opinions or reviews of other buyers or users where they comment on their shopping experience with this product.

I hope you enjoyed our article on "Singer Sewing Machines: a classic"And it has been useful for you to find your next sewing machine and learn more about this interesting brand associated with the fascinating world of sewing 🙂

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