Services: what combos of TV, Internet and cell phone do you offer?


The cable TV distribution system in Argentina has distinctive elements in its appearance.

He was born in provincial towns, linked to other businesses and with a variety in the ownership structure. And that first stage is continued, with its technical, social and economic peculiarities, in the process that goes from its arrival in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires in the 1980s to the peculiar period that the country started with the convertibility of the currency in 1991

The technological and regulatory novelties were going to transform the system and add Companies. The promised competition between the operators of telecommunications and Internet were enormous, among them: Fibertel, Telecentro, Speedy, etc. but at the moment it comes with a lot of delay.

packAt least, according to the illusions created in the clients.

– To this day, the only company that promises the most fixed packaged services, with the basic telephony, television and broadband is Claro.

– On the other hand, Telefónica and Telecom are focused on fiber optics and television, although for different reasons.

– In addition to the three basic fees, the local subsidiary of América Móvil adds value services such as Claro Música and Claro Video to its proposal.

Telefónica and Telecom continue with their strategies aimed at the double fiber and TV game, with some value propositions. But this will remain so for a few more months.

If we are interested in contacting Fibertel, Telecentro or Speedy, we can visit the website, where we will find the telephone numbers and addresses of the companies to contact them.


Everything indicates that, forward, the two main companies will add services, be basic -like mobile telephony- or value. And that competition will also become more visible when they enter the area of ​​the other. With fiber or with mobile.

At the moment, and as it is noticed in the rates, it is not possible to compare identical services between them. Each company prepares its proposals according to the strategy carried out in each region and its background.

Telefónica has concentrated its current efforts on the growth of the television business, which it knows very well at a regional level, but on which it takes its first steps in Argentina.

And it does so supported by the deployment of its new fiber optic network.

This is a double challenge, since it is the country with the most advanced pay TV market at a regional level with 70% penetration, according to private mentors. The leader of this business is precisely Telecom / Cablevisión, its main contender.

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