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CV Direct ShippingFinding work has a lot to do with our curriculum and this one with two very important aspects: how to create it and choose the companies where to send it. From the first aspect-issues to take into account when creating a CV-we have already spoken in this blog. Of the second, however, not so much. We do it and also highlighting the service send the résumé to companies, of the most novel and useful and that you can hire the CV Direct Shipping.

What is the service to send curriculum?

CV Envío Directo is an online project of curriculum distribution located in Spain and whose main objective is to free from the sometimes tedious task of looking for companies to send the CV. In this way, the aspirants to find a job can dedicate themselves more to training or, before using this service, to create a Quality CV.

In general, the service consists of the following actions by CV Direct Shipping:

  • After sending the CV by the user, CV Envío Directo selects from its database the companies that best adapt to the profile of the applicant and sends the CV by postal or electronic mail.
  • Next, the user receives a list of the companies to which the CV has been sent so that the candidate is ready to receive a communication from them.
  • If the user so wishes, CV Envío Directo, based on the candidates' CV, also provides the service of creating professional profiles on employment websites as well as subscribing to the offers that best suit those profiles.

How to make the service contract

Resume sending form

To be able to contract the service, you have to enter the Home of CV Direct Shipping and, under the description of the service, there is a button: "Send my CV now" When you click on it, you access a form where candidates must complete several steps:

  1. Choose the sector of the company where to send the curriculum. You can display the main categories or use a box to include the keywords so that the form shows the specific category, as seen in the image above.
  2. Once the sector or sectors have been chosen, the geographic zones where the companies are located must be chosen. You can choose as many as you want.
  3. The next thing is to choose the way of sending the CV.
  4. Finally, an e-mail is added to receive communications from CV Direct Ship.

Benefits of using CV Direct Shipping

Advantages CV Direct ShippingThe time saving It is one of the benefits both in Internet searches of companies that fit the professional profile and in filling out profiles in the main job portals.

The fact that the CV arrives from CV Direct Sending causes that Companies pay more attention since they make sure that there has been a process of selection of the previous professional profile.

For the users to whom creating a CV and Letter of Presentation costs them a little, CV Direct Shipping also offers the creation service of this document, giving it a professional touch that also increases the chances of being hired.

* * *

To finish, say that as it happens in other sectors, trust in experts in a subject -in this case in the search of employment- is highly recommended. Although the service has a cost, the possibilities of getting a job increase considerably, which converts that expense into an investment.

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