Selection of wedding dresses in blue



For some time now, I have been observing that more and more brides with blue tones are seen in their dress. And the truth is that I like it a lot, that originality, that breaking the rules, … I also have to say that every time the dresses are prettier, and that helps a lot.

The moment to choose a dress is usually complicated. Many brides expect that feeling of this dress and when they have four stores and have not felt it, they tend to start to despair. But do not lose hope, that dress comes sooner or later. It's about searching, trying, having an open mind and that feeling comes. You will know when you try it, but you will confirm it when you go home and do not stop thinking about it. My advice for this time to choose dress, is to be accompanied by people from your closest circle, three or four people, no more.

Well, after this advice we leave you a small selection of wedding dresses in blue, I hope you like them:

brides-in-blue-1.jpgbrides in blue

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