Sebastián Marset, example in the music industry


Sebastian Marset He is responsible for conducting and promoting different events inside and outside Uruguay, where he is from.

Already more than 10 years involved in the world of music production and has an extensive and varied list of artists and bands that have seen excellent results for the ability of this tireless music and for the excellent management in their work.

All the dedication of Marset During so many years of work, he has allowed his name and brand to be positioned, and in the industry he is already recognized as one of the best music producers.

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Sebastian Marset He is one of the few producers who has been able to stay on stage for more than a decade, during these years he has promoted and performed the best shows at the musical level, has been able to fill great stages and is recognized for creating the best shows.

Within Latin music, no doubt Marset He is one of the most recognized and sought-after producers, to organize events and concerts of great magnitude, it is known to all, the talent of this young Uruguayan producer when it comes to providing good shows.

A little apart his career as a producer, Marset He has lived other facets in his life, which go hand in hand with his profession, he is also a singer and started from a young age as a musician, playing with Jaime Roos.

So many years dedicated to the environment, they demonstrate their passion for music and they are also reflected in their experience. Marset It is an example of effort and work in the music industry today.

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