San Sebastian Breast Surgery: Breast augmentation, mammoplasty


A breast enlargement can be the dream of every woman when they are very young and this is possible by means of a plastic surgery called augmentation mammoplasty, in San Sebastian Breast Surgery they have the best surgeons in the area that can make reality your most longed for dream

breast surgery

In this procedure prostheses are placed to increase and improve the shape of your breasts, with this process you will look more beautiful and you will also have greater security before life, your self-esteem will improve and you will feel more sexy.

In San Sebastian Breast Surgery you can make an appointment in which you will clarify all the doubts about it and the staff will guarantee a result according to your body that will look very natural and durable because they have the best implants of the highest quality.

What should I know before requesting an appointment at the San Sebastian Breast Surgery Clinic?

Breast surgery is indicated in cases of women in whom anomalies or asymmetries developed, in those who suffered from breast cancer or have tuberous breasts, others are those that due to effects of breastfeeding or pregnancy or weight loss have fallen.

In the first consultation the doctor will evaluate you and ask you your medical history, from there you will start the planning of the surgery in a detailed and precise way, you must know the antecedents of your family in case of cancer in this area of ​​the body, some surgical intervention and mammography results, all this will be evaluated in depth before the surgery.

It evaluates and explores the breasts and asymmetries that exist, the skin and the shape of the aureoles as well as the nipples, sometimes you need to make a pexy to elevate the nipples, you may be introduced to the prosthesis by the armpits to avoid as much as possible the appearance of scars on the aureolas.

The most recommended is the submammary groove, by this means a perfect placement is guaranteed and very precise, if there is insufficient tissue it is best to place the implants on the muscle.

On the other hand the models of the implants can vary in shape and texture, there are round and anatomical, of different widths, projections and heights, the most used are those that have a more resistant cover or envelope and this prolongs its useful life.

The gels inside are denser and maintain their shape for longer, preventing undulations, known as ripling, anatomical implants give a better appearance to the final finish and its volumes are more beautiful, with them the shape will look more natural and will not look so rigid.

Those that are covered by polyurethane are better fixed and have greater integration than those that are not.

We hope that you make the best decision with your surgeon and that the results are what you expect, since your physical and emotional stability will depend on it.

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