Sail kayak, the summer trend


Without a doubt, nautical activities are one of the most demanded when good weather arrives. One of the most adept is winning the practice of kayaking, especially because they can be rented. But also because they are becoming more affordable and can be enjoyed in rivers, lakes, reservoirs or even in the sea. If you have one you can buy kayak sail and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Eola candles for your kayak

You can put a sail to your kayak without having to make any kind of hole. In addition, it is a sail that is very easy to install and with which you can reach up to 50 knots if the right wind conditions are present.

Installing a sail of these characteristics in your kayak will allow you to have a first contact with sailing. But also continue to enjoy the characteristics of the kayak and do something different with this interesting proposal for the summer.

You may be wondering what Eola candles are. They are a new concept of sailing that has been designed with an articulated foot, equipped with a system that allows them to be anchored in any kind of boat, without the need to do any kind of drilling. In addition, the sail for kayak assembly is very simple, you just have to follow the necessary steps and have a little patience, because it usually takes about 40 minutes.

Once it is assembled, you will be ready to fully enjoy an experience like this. In addition, there are several models so that anyone, regardless of their age, can enjoy this highly successful proposal.

For example, we can find the Big Sail, a model that has a surface of 250cm². With it you can reach a speed of up to 50 knots. In addition, in case of very strong winds, it allows to detach from a 25% sail surface in order not to reach high speeds.

There is another model in case you are taking the first steps in sailing, the Small Sail. This sail is valid even for those who have a knowledge base on sailing. In addition, another point to take into account is that it is a product that has a fairly affordable price.

Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience, both in kayaks for one person and as a tandem. According to the tests that have been done with this kind of sails, you can reach up to 15 knots with two people in the kayak.

Now you know what is the trend of the summer, with which you can live a unique experience and enjoy much more of this nautical activity.

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