Rural destinations to enjoy in August in Asturias


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Asturian villages are the most successful for the summer as tourists seek to enjoy these rural destinations during the holidays.

Now in the middle of August, rural tourism is one of the most interesting proposals to think about taking a trip. The principality of Asturias It is a really very nice destination, thanks to the fact that there are many fabulous villages to make a trip as a couple or as a family, to take advantage of free time.

We find a series of villages that are among the most demanded by domestic and foreign tourists, who seek to relax, rest and spend free time to know different reference sites, discover really beautiful and spectacular corners.

The Principality of Asturias It is one of the prominent destinations at the level of Spain and is one of the favorite communities along with Andalusia, Catalonia and Cantabria, so it is something to take into account since there are really interesting villages to know throughout the holidays, in this case during the summer holidays since the temperatures are perfect to travel.


It is very worthwhile places like Cangas de Onís, Llanes, Cabrales, Santa Eulalia de Oscos, Castropol, Villaviciosa, Piloña, Ribadesella, Parres and Cudillero, towns that during the summer are quite successful. They offer different Rural houses for couples and families in full, so they can relax, get to know the natural areas of the different destinations of Asturias, among other options.

Having a time to travel is something very pleasant for those looking to set aside sun and beach tourism, which is the most typical during the summer. Rural tourism offers the possibility to relax, do outdoor walks, take bike rides, among many other activities. It is a perfect option for both couples and tourists who travel as a family and who seek to ignore the bustle of big cities and have natural options to enjoy.

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