Rupit and Pruit. A town that you must visit if you go to Barcelona


Rupit and Pruit
Although the province of Barcelona is known especially for the city that gives it its name, with its more than one million inhabitants, its port and its tourist attractions, among which are some of Gaudí's best known works, it also offers the traveler other attractions Many travel blogs in Barcelona often highlight several charming villages both on the coast, with beautiful places like Sitges, and in the interior, where several towns in Central Catalonia stand out.

Rupit and Pruit

This area, which includes among others the regions of Bages, with capital in Manresa, and Osona, with capital in Vic, offers the traveler a walk through the more traditional Catalonia, with forested landscapes and medieval villages such as those that form Rupit and Pruit , in the Lluçanès, two municipalities whose constructions date mostly from before the 16th century and which are charmingly linked by a beautiful and picturesque suspension bridge.

Arriving is very easy

To get to the town of Rupit and Pruit from Barcelona, ​​just follow the C-17 to Vic and turn off the C-153, which will take you to one of the best preserved medieval villages in Catalonia, where you can visit the Romanesque Church of the century XI, the old medieval cemetery, in a state of extraordinary conservation, and the castle of the Cardona family, the lords of the area, partly excavated in the virgin rock and whose construction was completed in 1040.

In addition, you can cross the suspension bridge that joins the two cores saving the barrier imposed by the River Ter, and walk through its cobbled streets, on both sides of which stone houses with up to 400 years of history stand behind.

The best time for visits

The most recommended time to visit the area is in spring, since it is a very hot area in summer (and very crowded), very cold in winter, when it is not uncommon to have snow with some regularity, if not in the town yes in the mountains around, and very rainy in autumn. If you go around Easter, in addition, you can take the opportunity to make a stop at the Mercat del Ram de Vic, one of the most important agricultural fairs in the area, which has been expanding over the years to include all kinds of positions , many of them of artisan products.

And, if you have time, the population of Tavertet is also highly recommended, just 12 kilometers from Rupit and Pruit, from where you can see beautiful views of the Sau Swamp.

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