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At the time of cleaning, you should always consider a vacuum cleaner that facilitates the work helping us to save time to invest in other things or take a break. New robot vacuum cleaners have come on the market and with it new and innovative designs with a new style of unique cleaning.

For example, this time we will talk about a spectacular Vacuum cleaner robot model CONGA 1190, manufactured by Cecotec and that will help us to clean our home or business of dust that can affect the health of all in an effective way and in less time.

Design Conga 1190

The Conga 1190 sucks and cleans in an absolutely efficient way thanks to its memory, from the beginning to the end of its task. Its brushes remove every last particle of dust and its sweeping system is truly infallible. Prepared to fulfill its function of cleaning optimally cleaning 100% of the surface with enough intelligence to know when and how it has to return to its base load.

conga 1190 salon

This Spectacular Robot sweeps, sucks, passes the mop and scrubs. Well as you read, this unique 4 in 1 product is the flagship of the Cecotec equipment range. This team has an intelligent and orderly mobility, also with a mapping and memory thanks to iTech Gyro technology.

It adapts to all types of floors

The robot vacuum cleaner Conga 1190 was designed for all types of floors and is fully adapted to your home or business, cleaning 100% of the surface passing even under furniture, tables, detecting obstacles and avoiding any unevenness or steps. Other models of robot vacuum cleaners can even get dirty rather than clean, but this advanced model purifies the air with its EPA filter that retains dust and allergens harmful to health.

conga detector

One of the main objectives of the cleaning tasks is to free the home of polluting agents that may affect the health of the family and the robot vacuum cleaner Conga 1190 knows it very well, the intelligent navigation system helps you to memorize the route, with the which will always find the most efficient and efficient route for its route and will return it to the loading base directly when executing the cleaning task through its integrated Memory Control system. The robot will know perfectly its coordinates inside our home and will know where it has happened and where it has not yet passed.

Absolute control for perfect cleanliness

The robot adapts to all types of floors always achieving perfect results.

Your Cleaner Deluxe system has 3 levels of scrubbing:

  • "High" mode: Perfect for scrubbing or deep sweeping on surfaces such as the kitchen floor.
  • "Medium" mode": Ideal for daily scrubbing or sweeping.
  • "Low" mode: Executes a scrubbing or surface sweeping that is ideal for more delicate floors.

The Conga 1190 has a system called Wash4You that passes the mop and scrubs intelligently for you, simply by putting the cleaning fluid in the tank. It has six automatic cleaning modes adaptable to any surface and a Deepcleaning system for a deeper cleaning, its powerful turbine of up to 1400 suction guarantees a clean floor eliminating all kinds of dirt.

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