Rich dinner ideas for children and with love


Hello! Today I come with recipe ideas to prepare healthy and rich dinners in a little while for the kids. And sometimes we run out of ideas and we always prepare the same thing and in the end they get bored and we even get bored. Lately he has given me to invent different dinners with things I usually have in the fridge.

For example, the other night that the refrigerator was with four things, I prepared a stuffed pizza omelet. You open in half a tortilla made of potatoes and you put fried tomato, slices of york and sprinkle a little oregano. Then you put the other part of the tortilla and the tapas with which cheese to melt and baked. It takes 3 minutes to prepare and they love it.

I tell you some quick rabbits and then I give you some dinner ideas:


  • Keep in mind what they have eaten at noon to try not to repeat a plate of pasta, legumes, potatoes. For example, if they ate pasta at noon, they can now have grilled fish or meat and some vegetables.
  • The correct thing is that they are foods that are digested well and not heavy, so that later they don't have trouble sleeping and resting.
  • Do not use too many condiments so that the food is not too heavy.
  • They must have dinner at least one hour before going to bed.
  • Take a piece of fruit


I make a brief list with dinner ideas that you can do at home, some more elaborate but nothing that takes more than half an hour of preparation, we already know that we all have enough time for a few hahahaha Also for example, if you make a cream, during cooking you can take the opportunity to do other things or play with the kids, bathe them or whatever you want 😉

It is clear that you can always make a grilled meat or fish, cooked potatoes, pasta with a non-heavy sauce for the night, grilled vegetables, salad, tomato hash, strawberry cheese … But I tell you other ideas 😉

Vegetable creams

We love them and every week there is cream for at least 3 or 4 nights. We like pumpkin and carrot, leek and potato, potato and zucchini, various vegetables …

Homemade pizza.

Yes, the pizza is not bad if it is homemade with its dough, tomato, tuna, turkey, chicken, cheese… In addition there are many types of pizza bases and you can make them from cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, pumpkin, quinoa … If you are not tricky to make them, they sell very good and totally homemade frozen pizzas that kids surely like.

ideas for kids dinner pizza

Assorted tortillas

Each time of a thing that is not always French, potato or ham … For example: Cheese, serrano ham and tomato tacos, zucchini, cod that sells crumbled, spinach, stew they sell already made (we do it a lot)


We make grilled homemade hamburgers of different options such as: chicken and carrots, chicken and broccoli, chickpeas and quinoa, veal and zucchini, rice with vegetables, quinoa with spinach … There are many combinations not to repeat and they are very easy to make.

Hamburger dinner ideas for children


My son drives him crazy. He really likes one in particular. We pout with water, pumpkin, potato, zucchini … and what we have at home, a tomato, a handful of peas … and we boil it. Then with a paddle we take out the vegetable and put it in the blender glass with a little of the broth and crush it. In the rest of the broth we put noodles or rice until they are soft and then add the puree that has come out when mashed the vegetable. If you add it before, it usually burns to the bottom of the pot. It is very good.

Surely you like it too …

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