Review of the free agency of 2019 and the signings of Phoenix Suns


In Phoenix they want competitive Suns, and surely the management too. But for one reason or another, year after year they renew their candidacy to be at the bottom of the classification, will that change this year?

If we see the template, in the last five years, by not looking further, we would always see possibilities, many "what ifs" that during the season become a "will be not" disappointing.

And this year, as in previous years, we have a few realities, several potential surprises, but above all an uncertainty about what could be that unites illusion and skepticism.

Ayton, Booker and Oubre must lead the Phoenix Suns 2019

The hard core of the template is the same as last season.

  • Devin Booker. A new eternal candidate to All NBA that without a powerful project will not reach the notoriety that its quality should grant him.

Best NBA Escorts: Devin Booker

  • DeAndre Ayton. A whole No. 1 of draft that in its second season it has to impact much more in the area. You can, you have all the physical and technical conditions to be one of the best pivots in the league, but you must go a step further.
  • Kelly Oubre Jr. He arrived midway through the season and, even with his usual irregularity, showed signs of being a more than interesting player in a meaningful squad.

Surprises less and less expected

The surprise this season must star Josh Jackson and Dragan Bender. Yes, they are still waiting, although less and less, even in the management of the Suns. Some players who can be what they want by quality and physical but at the moment they are only a hope, increasingly distant.

Seriousness and orthodoxy in the signings of the Phoenix Suns 2019

And the signings, eternal workhorse in Arizona. Since the time of Stoudemire, the signings of the Suns are scarce, expensive and usually with low performance. From Chandler and Bledsoe, through Gortat, Beasley, Frye or Josh Childress They have been some of the biggest fiascos. Only one exception, one hit, Goran Dragic.

Ricky Rubio

Arrive to pick up the Ricky Rubio rudder. We will see his adaptation to a new style of play, after passing through the hands of Snyder.
Without the obligation to score, something that will take pressure off, and with that of directing, assisting and assisting in the formation and development of the youngest, we will see in which category it enters. Many points can go out of your hands for Ayton or Booker.

Ricky Rubio plays Pick and Roll with Gobert. I.eurosport

Aron Baynes

Also Aron Baynes, to contribute solidity in the position of center, something that Phoenix has not achieved with Len, Chandler or Monroe in the past.

Dario Saric

And finally, Dario Saric, a player who left Philadelphia in the Sixers' aspiration to go for the ring last season and that is he should devote himself as an essential player on a team like the Suns.

All three are players of medium profile, but very defined, orthodox, organized players who contribute in the collective game much more than in the individual, which should provide the counterpoint to a template that has usually been anarchic and individualistic.

They will not reach playoff, except miracle, but gives the feeling of being a more serious, planned and organized.

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