Renovate bathroom furniture


When you decide to renovate the bathroom but you do not want to go into construction (changing tiles, toilets …) the best thing is to renew the furniture for the bathroom, change their accessories and decoration a little. With those changes you can see that the bathroom has a fresh look, with a more natural look. In addition, you can use to reorganize the bathroom and make it more practical for everyone. Next we will see a series of keys to renovate the bathroom by changing some furniture, introducing others and adding decorative touches.


The first thing to keep in mind when renovating a bathroom is the sink cabinet. If it is a small bathroom, we recommend a suspended furniture with drawer, because in addition to giving the feeling of spaciousness, you will have storage space, like this:

If the bathroom is medium or large, we recommend that the furniture under the sink be more big, with legs or without legs, to store there all the hygiene and bathroom accessories that you need regularly.

Modern bathroom furniture

In both furniture you can see an enatural and modern style, where he light wood and white color They are very present, which takes a lot today in the bathrooms. Thus, with the furniture we are already orienting the decoration of the room.

If you want the style of the bathroom be more marked and differentiated of the classic and minimalist, we present you three other models that may be of interest to you.

As you can see, they are bathroom furniture with three styles that work depending on the decoration of the rest of the house. They are the style industrial, the vintage and the classic.


The Mirrors with an important key to renew the look of your bathroom, as well as lights that are normally embedded in them or above, therefore, for change the look of the bathroom, you need to change the mirror.

Look at these models that we have chosen, because they are the latest fashion. These are mirrors that incorporate the led lights around, either one side or behind, at backlight. These mirrors a very touch youthful and modern, at the same time it is very practical, since this light allows you to shave, shave, make up or whatever you need with total lighting and precision.

Another way to give a different air to the bathroom is by choosing mirrors that instead of being rectangular, which is the classic way, are round or oval.


To increase the storage in the bathroom, it takes a lot to place auxiliary furniture, especially what are called column furniture. They occupy little space and many things can be stored in them. They can be placed in the ground, suspended at medium height or at high height, as we see in the images.


Finally, to renovate your bathroom and give it a decorative touch you will need, at least, plants. As you can see, you can put them next to the window or on the walls. But eye! They have to be plants that absorb moisture well so that they can hold on

Another way to add some punch and style to the bathroom is through Hanging lamps with different shapes. You can also take advantage and try to make the basket for dirty clothes have a nice design that helps to enhance the bathroom decoration.

So far our keys to renovate the bathroom centered on the sink and its furniture, mirrors, columns and decoration. We hope you have helped and if you have any comments or advice, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. We will wait for you.

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