Remove people from the photos with Bye Bye Camera


How to eliminate people from photographs

It often happens that we take a photograph with a particularly beautiful landscape, but that a person appears in it. This situation usually occurs in places with enough tourism. And, in addition, it should be mentioned that graphic designers are usually asked to elimination of these people from the photos so that only the landscape we have portrayed remains.

Well, we have to say that, in case you are one of those users who want to eliminate people from the photographs, you will no longer have to resort to anyone in order to make the modification. We are going to greet Bye Bye Camera, an application that uses the now popular artificial intelligence in order to fill in the photographs that we have taken from the people. And that also performs this operation, of course. Thus, only the bottom of it will be seen.

Bye Bye Camera is an application created by the collective Do Something Good and the artist Damjanski, leaving a very interesting result.

Features of Bye Bye Camera

As we have said before, Bye Bye Camera makes use of artificial intelligence in order to fulfill its objective. And the software he uses is the same as some renowned scientists already have. One of the parts that it uses is known as YOLO, You Only Look Once, a classifier of objects that is able to identify the contour of a person, to then start up a neural network that allows to improve the elements of the photographs. It is possible to eliminate people from the images. It is true that the results are improvable, although everything depends on what we want to achieve.

Bye Bye Camera

In any case, it is expected that the technologies used will be improved in order to achieve more perfect results. We must bear in mind that there is no human interaction and that we are relying on artificial intelligence in order to ensure that the images remain without a trace of anyone.

Bye Bye Camera, at the moment in tests and only for iOS

We had commented that Bye Bye Camera is an application that still does not work perfectly? Something normal, if we take into account that the version that currently exists is in Preview mode, and that does not work correctly. There is no stable version that allows us to do everything we want, although we must bear in mind that, to be a beta, it works quite well.

On the other hand, we have to mention that Bye Bye Camera is only available for iOS, and with a price of $ 2.99. We hope it comes soon to iOS and that, with the different versions that are released, the results can be perfected.

Applications like Bye Bye Camera allow us to see the potential of artificial intelligence and libraries that are developing thanks to these new technologies. It is true that they need to be perfected, although the examples that we can already see allow us to know the future that could be implemented in mobile phones.

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