Reminder: Astral Chain leaves August 30 on Nintendo Switch


Reminder! Astral Chain has a release date on August 30, 2019 and you can buy it in Amazon. It comes from the hand of Platinum Games, studio involved in major titles such as Nier: Automata and Bayonetta, so we can expect a high quality fee.

Never seen before

This is a totally new IP, so at the moment it is not part of any pre-existing franchise. We must take into account that it is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch so if you do not have one yet and want to play it, you can go on giving yourself the purpose of giving one of its versions.

A reasonable price

Its starting price is around 59.99 dollars or euros and by the way you can buy it in the link that I leave below:

Astral Chain on / Astral Chain on

If you ask me if I would buy it, my answer is a resounding yes. I really like the action of Bayonetta-type games (and also the waifus oh yes) having that as a reference and from what I have been able to appreciate in the trailers, it paints to be a game that I will like very much.

Interesting argument

As part of a special police unit, we will have to face mysterious alien-looking beasts that have invaded the world. In other words, we are the last hope in the world and we will have to pay attention to our invaders and send them directly by the way they came. Not to say otherwise 🙂

The game, in my humble opinion, is a fixed purchase. It is developed by a large studio and by a company like Nintendo that is able to restart a game development if it does not meet certain quality standards.

To play Astral Chain

You know, Astral Chain will arrive this August 30 at Nintendo Switch. That's all from me. Until next time!

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