REDUCTIVE MASSAGES, characteristics and uses


One of the applied techniques for fat loss They are called reductive massages. These are massages that help eliminate accumulated and localized fat, stylizing the contour of the figure and creating a more aesthetic silhouette. They are massages that are applied with a strong pressure and increased speed compared to traditional massages.

This type of massage requires a trained and knowledgeable professional of the correct techniques, since a bad application of reductive massages can end up generating bruises on the skin. In addition, the special creams used in this variant of massages have components that cause allergic outbreaks in some people. Before undergoing reductive massages, consult a doctor to know that all safety measures are covered.

Other notice from the medical community to People who decide to undergo reductive massages consist of a general health status check. If your health is not in good condition you must make this previous diagnosis to ensure that you can undergo the massages without jeopardizing your health status. Because of its dynamics, people with kidney infection should avoid this technique.

To improve the positive results and achieve a better state of health and an aesthetically maintained body, it is recommended to accompany the reductive massages with a balanced diet and regular practice of exercises. These massages do not help to lose weight, but to reduce measures for a more stylized figure.

Main advantages and benefits of reductive massages

1. Help eliminate and remove unwanted fat.
2. Accelerate the dissolution of adipose tissue and cellulite, thanks to the heat generated by special massages.
3. Increases blood circulation and local metabolic processes, helps fat reabsorption and increases calorie intake through motor activity.
4. Reductive massages can be performed on any part of the body: waist, hips, legs, abdomen and even under the chin.
5. It carries benefits for lymphatic and blood circulation.
6. You can reduce up to 10 centimeters in size with 5 sessions. Each of the massage sessions lasts between 40 and 45 minutes. It is recommended to carry out almost every day of the week to get the results in less than a month.
7. Reductive massages help reaffirmation and muscle toning, thus offsetting the lack of exercise.
8. Help body relaxation. It is recommended to conduct these massage sessions in a pleasant environment, with ambient music and aromatherapy. In this modality, they also help to relax and combat stress.
9. Reactivate the bioenergetic flow, releasing tensions and helping to overcome emotional problems.
10. Release muscle tension.

These Benefits, together with the work of a trained professional, make reductive massage an excellent way to work the body to achieve excellent results from the aesthetic and personal. The key is to achieve a good job from the physical part that also involves the positive proposal from the emotional and personal, always under the watchful eye of trained professionals.

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