Recommendations to hit party dresses at any meeting


Party dresses are sometimes very difficult to choose, because among the models, colors and types of fabric we do not know which one to decide, but it is not only this, the shape of our body is also an important part We can't wear any dress just because we like it!

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What you are going to read here are a series of recommendations that you should follow when choosing a good party dress, that's why we ask you to read until the end and give what to talk about but in the good sense of the word.

Recommendations for choosing party dresses

  1. Know how the event is: You have to know what kind of celebration it will be and where it will take place, as it is not the same to attend a wedding at sea than to a wedding at night in an elegant reception in a party hall.
  2. No to white at weddings: This is very important unless requested by the bride, the best are black, classic, long and sober dresses that look good and make you look elegant but comfortable.
  3. Analyze where it will be done: For the beach, for example, light and bohemian-style dresses will go very well, but for the countryside it is best to wear dresses that do not touch the floor but equally fresh and light.
  4. Type of fabric: At this point the party dresses go hand in hand with the other two, always opt for fabrics that allow you to move, but if you like appliques and embroidery They look beautiful! Avoid loading with large accessories, the best are the minimalists, the idea is that you can balance both.
  5. Your skin color and your silhouette count: There are several types of bodies, What's yours? Apple, pear, straight, triangle, inverted triangle …? The idea is to highlight your attributes and hide the defects, if you are brunette, it has violet, dark blue, maroon, green or red tones.

If you are blonde, the best colors are cherry red, pink, purple and sky blue and for light complexion and red hair, pastel tones and green tones.

  1. Your real size: Do not choose a dress that fits you to look thinner, buy a size that allows you to move and be comfortable at all times.

Do not think that by seeing a model in a magazine or in a photo, or perhaps in the body of another person this can serve you, not all bodies are equal and not everything looks good to everyone, that's why even if you like a dress You have to discard it a lot if it doesn't fit you.

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